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The Government 'set fire to money' - East West Link.



Proposed over decade in 1999, still talking about.

Proposed 18 km tollway to be construct melb, Aus, to link west ring road with east freeway.

Would have brought in many benefits to vic, include increased jobs for consturct, decreased traff congest, 2 things we desperate need.



5.3 Billion contract signed by form prem Napthine to start building.

This would have been much need 1st step melb renewal.

However when andrews became prem, he set fire to money as kennet said.

He cancel proj and in doing so put billions of our taxpay money to waste, money that was going to be use to imrpove vic in way we badly need.



Abbott prime minist at time said decision was reckless and said we vics would suffer. HE SAID QUOTE.



This was major problem we had to face.

Twas Finally going to be construct a few years ago, but cancelled by labor gov when they won elect.

Issue is a lot of our taxpay money can other resources have been waste on a proj that was never actually consruct.

Andrews cancelled proj without considering what we actual want.




Andrews constant tells us he is focus on job and create more job for vics but then he cancel proj would have provide thousands job.

If link was develop, it would have provide 6700 jobs at least and a vic construct compan stated they desperate need link or its employees could lose job.



In the 2015 budget papers, fed gov promise to provide 3 bil to a vic gov that proceeds with proj.

1.5 of this has not been spent, prem andrews said he wouldnt be repaying the 1.5 in federal fund for abandoned toll rd project.

On top of this, it cost vic gov futher 1.1 bil to cancel proj. The vic gov spend money to achieve nothing.

They spent bils of taxpay money to cancel proj we needed.

We spent 1.1 to cancel a proj we want.



Traff congest is an issue that plagued vic for yrs and when it finally looks like the gov is going to do something about it, it gets cancel.

The link would have significant decreased the level of traffic congest in Melb.

e.g. travel speed in morning peak along east freeway between kew and hoddle st have fall to a crawl of less than 20k.

The link would have boost travel speeds along east freeway from 20km to more than 70km at the hoddle st approach, accord to vicroads.

This is one of many egs where link would have increase travel speeds and allow more ppl to get to job more easily.

How are ppl expect to work when they cant even arrive to work.



The LINK should have never been cancel as would have significant decrease level of traff congest in melb, proide thousands of job and taxpay money would have gone to something we wanted.

Traff congest will only get worse in coming years and the link would have fix this.