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What latin term is 'extemporaneous' derived from ?

'ex tempore'


Define 'extemporaneous'

'on spur of the moment'


What is ED in practice ?

The preparation of small quantities of medicines from constituent ingredients


Name 2 acts that allow pharmacists to prepare and dispense unlicensed medicines

1) Exemption from Medicines Act 1968
2) Human Medicines Regulation 2012


The 'Exemption from Medicines Act 1968' and 'Human Medicines Regulation 2012' allow for pharmacists to do what ?

To prepare and dispense unlicensed medicines (this includes extemporaneously prepared medicines)


In terms of changes to DSCW, how many monographs have been omitted from BP (British Pharmacopoeia) 2016 ?



Following the Matthew young 'Peppermint water case', pharmacies rarely extemporaneously dispense medication. TRUE or FALSE



State 5 'problems' associated with extemporaneous preparations

1) They're unlicensed, no safety data (no clinical trials conducted)
2) Lack of evidence of efficacy
3) Risks involved during compounding process
(Errors when weighing and measuring)
(Problems w/raw ingredients)
4) Product often given to most vulnerable patients
5) Larger manufactures often needed in hospitals (more difficult to prepare)


What has the RPS previously stated about licensed vs extemporaneous products ?

'Appropriately licensed 'special' manufactures should be used when possible, in preference to products prepared extemporaneously'


State the hierarchy of risk of medicines, from most to least risky

6) Imported products not licensed in country of origin
5) Extemporaneously dispensed medicine
4) UK manufactured 'special'. Made in MHRA-licensed facilities
3) Imported product licensed in country of origin
2) Off-label use of UK licensed medicine
1) Licensed UK medicine


Who's responsibility is it to make sure the GPhC guidance on ED/preparation of unlicensed medicines is followed ?

The Pharmacist


To prepare unlicensed medication, staff need expertise and skill over and above that needed to dispense licensed medicine. TRUE or FALSE