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What is InfiniTV?

It is a multiple-tuner solution for receiving premium, encrypted digital cable TV on your PC. (Einstein Document ID HOW3304)


How does InfiniTV work?

Installed in an open PCle port on your computer, the Ceton InfiniTV 4 is a multi-tuner PCI card that enables Media Center PCs to play or record up to four live channels of HDTV at once, plus stream live HD channels or recordings to multiple HDTVs throughout your home, all from a single cable connection and multi-stream CableCARD.(Einstein Document ID HOW3304)


What type of TV delivers four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD?

4K UHD TVs (also known as 4K Ultra HD TVs(Einstein Document ID TLK2040)


What type of guide is used by a TiVo Series 3 ?

TiVo’s on-screen guide, which differs from the guide Comcast's STB's provide.(Einstein Document ID HOW3386)


A TiVo Series 3 requires how many CableCARDs are required to record two HD digital channels simultaneously?

Two. (Einstein Document ID HOW3386)


What is the Maximum amount of speed an XFINITY Wireless Gateway 3 with AC Router can support?

The XFINITY Wireless Gateway 3 with AC Router can support speeds of more than 700 Mbps. (Einstein Document ID PRD1311)


As of 2014, what is the fastest XFINITY Internet Speed offered to business customers since 2011?

Multi-gigabit (1 to 10 Gbps) (Einstein Document ID PRD1311)


According to the FCC as of 2014, Comcast offered reliably fast speeds – more than 100% of advertised speeds even during peak use periods - for how many years in a row?

3(EINSTEIN Document ID PRD1311)


In late 2014, what is the new combination router and modem Comcast will be launching in select markets that will ensure customers are able to get the fastest Wi-Fi possible?

Wireless Gateway 3 with AC Router(EINSTEIN Document ID PRD1311)


What are the 3 things required in order to see 3D TV with your Xfinity subscription?

1) A 3D Compatible HD or HD DVR STB2) A 3D TV3) A 3D Code added to a a Customer's Comcast Account.(EINSTEIN Document ID HOW3303)


Name 3 things that can be done by a Care Agent via the Customer Agreements Portal?

1) View the current processing status of an agreement2) View a copy of the original agreement3) Listen to a copy of the original audio file of the Verbal Acceptance4) Resend agreement terms (for agreements prior to November 1, 2012)(EINSTEIN Document ID HOW4381)


How will a fax machine work with XFINITY Voice?

You can send and receive faxes for your home business or personal needs with XFINITY Voice(Document ID HOW3783)


Are all fax machine brands or models are compatible with XFINITY Voice service?

No.(Document ID HOW3783)


What is a A QAM tuner?

A QAM tuner is a device that is present in some TVs. It allows these TVs to receive unprotected digital channels without a digital set-top box. (Document ID TLK1028)


What channels can be received on a QAM tuner TV without a set-top box.

Channels 1-23.(Document ID TLK1028)


How are channels displayed in a QAM tuner?

Channels in a QAM tuner may be displayed in the format of 22-3 or 11.5, including dashes and dots in the channel number.(Document ID TLK1028)


What is the reason for Price Adjustments?

Consumer prices are adjusted due to increases incurred in programming and other business costs. Adjustments are largely driven by programming costs, sports programming as well as the continued pressures for technological innovation and increased bandwidth. (Document ID PRI1135)


What must be done Prior to creating an Open Ticket with a Truck Roll in Einstein?

1) Access the customer's account and launch the appropriate ITG.2) Follow the troubleshooting steps as detailed in the ITG. If the result of the troubleshooting is that a trouble call is needed, the ITG will prompt you to:a) Check for the Service Protection Plan (SPP) and determine if the customer would like to add it.b) Authenticate the customer.c) Obtain contact information from the customer.(Document ID HOW7362)


What does XFINITY TV provide for those with a Samsung Smart TV ?

It provides our XFINITY TV and XFINITY Internet customers the ability to search and watch their XFINITY On Demand programming on their Samsung Smart TV, without a set-top box. (Document ID PRD1228).


What must be added to a customer's account if a customer wants to pick up HD channels on their HD box?

The HD Tech Fee.(Document ID PRD1184)


What must the Customer do prior to downgrading to Standard Def service if they are currently renting an HD/DVR from Comcast?

The HD DVR must be returned to a service center or through the equipment return process.(Document ID PRD1184)


What is the procedure for adding External Email Accounts to XFINITY Connect?

Log Into Xfinity Connect > Preferences > Email > Edit Email Accounts > Add Accounts (Doc ID # HOW3675)


What are the operating systems are supported for Norton Anti-Virus Security Suite?

-Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) with Service Pack 2 or later.-Home/Professional/Media Center.-Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit).Starter/Home Basic/Home -Premium/Business/Ultimate.-Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).Starter/Home Basic/Home -Premium/Professional/Ultimate.-Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro (32-bit and 64-bit)(Document ID HOW3721)


Microsoft has created a wizard so what device can be installed to Comcast's internet?

Xbox 360 (Document ID HOW3688)


What is the website Xfinity Internet customers may go to if they have been notified that they are eligible for a modem upgrade?

www.comcast.com/deviceupgrade(Document ID HOW3743)


What type of modem is required for Blast! and Extreme 105 service?

DOCSIS 3.0(Document ID HOW3743)


What is the website that an Xfinity customer can go to for additional assistance with their internet?

xfinity.com/internethelp(Document ID HOW3989)


What is Comcast's new technology initiative designed to teach Boys and Girls Club members about our digital world?



Xfinity internet subscribers receive the most comprehensive online protection suite of any Internet provider, is included at no extra cost – a $360 value. What is this called?

Constant Guard (Document ID TLK1936)


What channel in the Sports and Entertainment Package features HD broadcasts of NFL games on Sunday afternoons?

NFL RedZone(Document ID PRD1050)


What is the customer eligibility to add the Sports & entertainment Package to a Comcast Cable TV Subscription?

Must subscribe to MultiLatino Max, Digital Starter or above.(Document ID PRD1050)


A backup battery will ensure your phone service remains available to you for up to how many hours in the event of an electrical outage?

8 hours of backup power (Document ID HOW3786)


How can a customer make an automated payment when calling 1-800-Comcast Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System


What are the items that you can use to fully authenticate an account?

name and address of the account holder and either the last 4 of the ssn and account #


What is the required documentation for an account?

During every call, the following documentation must be noted in CSG, Vision, or Einstein The name of the caller, even if the caller is the account holderReason for the callDetail resolution information including but not limited to the following: Action takenRelevant ticket of confirmation numbersEROne ticket or Einstein Service ticket numberPayment & Self Installation Kit confirmation numberDate and time of any scheduled appointmentNext Steps to be taken


What are the additional documentation guidelines for an account?

Every call and contact must be documentedDocumentation of the call should start at the beginning of the interaction and occur throughout the callProvide clear and concise documentationEnsure notes can be easily read by all users


Why is account documentation important?

Why is account documentation important?Clear documentation on every customer interaction is essential to providing a superior customer experience.Documentation allows the next agent to quickly determine the reason for the customer's previous interactionDocumentation is a key component of a customer's history with Comcast


Before transferring the call, what should you do?

Explain why.Ask for the customer's permission.Wait for the customer to respond.Verify authentication has been captured.


When warm transferring a call, what should you do?

Announce your name, your call center function and provide the receiving agent with detailed information about the customer’s issue before transferring the call.Conference the customer through with the receiving agent and inform the customer who you have on the line and that they are ready to take care of their issue


After transferring a call, what should you do?

Memo the account to record the situation, reason and where the call was transferred to.


What is the process for changing a name on an account?

Name changes may be requested as a result of a misspelling or a legal name change in the event of marriage, divorce or a court ordered legal change.Ensure the caller is the primary account holder through full authentication.Ensure request is not an account transfer to another person (if it is, follow account transfer/reassignment procedures).Ensure the request is either: Misspelling.Legal name change: due to marriage, divorce or court ordered legal change.If changing one name or correcting a misspelling, make the changes in the name field as requested by the customer.A permanent note must be added to the account with the following information: Date of change.Customer's original name, even if it was a misspelling.


If a customer wants to change the first and last name on the account, what is the process?

If the customer is asking to change both the first and last name and is keeping the same social security number (SSN) on the account, he or she must present the court order authorizing him or her to legally change the names at a Service Center. (Direct to the nearest Service Center.)


What is the recommended limit for devices per SIK?

3 devices