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This _____ showcase was written for American jazz guitarist ______. It demonstrates Reich's contemporary influences: ___, ________, _______, _________, ________________. The work also pays homage to the _________ art of _______.

This virtuosic showcase was written for American jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. It demonstrates Reich's contemporary inluenes: jzz, rock, world beat, minimalism, electronic manipulation. The work also pays homage to the Baroque art of counterpoint.


Describe this work in a nutshell...

Exuberant musical lines weave in and out as the texture builds and decreases in density. A oyous spirit prevails.


Genre, date, structure,

guitar music, 1987, three movements,


How is this work performed?

It can be performed live with solo electric guitar accompanied by 10 guitars and 2 bass guitars, OR a pre-recorded accompaniment of them.


Let's look at the first movement. What is the key signature, meter and pace?

the key signature implies E natural minor. 4/4, played fast


Describe the first movement. What kind of style is evident, and why?

a minimalist style is evident due to the limited harmonic movement, hypnotic repeated motives,
dynamics crest and recede gradually


describe the tempo in the first movement

it has a continuous, steady tempo that creates forward momentum


How does Reich use the minimalist style to his advantage in the first movement?

due to the repetition and slow changes, any sudden change is striking to the listener. Some dance like, delicate, syncopated motives emerge


In the second movement, describe the tempo, time signature, and rhythm

the tempo is moderate but it maintains a sense of continuous drive. The meter changes regularly between 3/4, 5/8, and 4/4. Constant syncopation can be heard.


What is the character of the second movement?

it has a gentle, lyrical character with broad phrases


Describe the way the music builds.

it begins with a reduced texture, and other voices are added canonically, building in density until all instruments are present


In the Third movement, which mode is suggested, and what is the unusual time signature?

D Mixolydian , 3/2


What achieves unity within the third movement?

the motives are all related due to their having similar melodic intervals, or being inversions of the original motive.


What is unique about the third movement compared to the others?

it contains more variety and contrast


What aspect of the third movement was drawn from non-western influence?

the relentless energy is maintained until the final notes, a characteristic of Ghanian drumming