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Canada Mosaic was commissioned by _____________ for a tour of __________ in _______. The serene work resembles _____________ and display's Coulthard's more ________, __________ style. The _________ harmony and _____ textures combine to make this a compelling example of Canadian ____________.

Canada Mosaic was commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony orchestra for a tour of Japan in 1974. The serene work resembles film music and display's Coulthard's more traditional, conservative style. The tonal/modal harmony and lush textures combine to make this a compelling example of Canadian neo-Romanticism


Date of Composition:

orchestral music, 1974


Performing Forces

large orchestra with expanded percussion section


Overall structure of Canada Mosaic:

7 movements


What is in the program notes of Canada Mosaic?

she notes her use of quotations of Canadian folk songs , her goal to create a musical image of Canada's varied ethnic groups and scenery, and her intention to share her own personal childhood memories of Canada.


Name three of the movements (other than 5. The Contented House)

1. Lullaby for a Snowy Evening, 6. Billowing Fields of Golden Wheat, 7. Happy New Year


what folk song is quoted in the Contented House?

the French Canadian folk song A la claire fontaine


form, key?

free form. F major


what is interesting about the tempo in the introduction? Describe the mood created, and what markings are on the score.

the frequent tempo changes impart a warm, natural sound
Poco lento, semplice, con teneremente. creates a quiet, searching feeling showing influence of Aaron Copland.


Describe Renearsal Section D. What markings can be seen on the score? How is the instrumentation used?

dolce and dolce espressivo. The oboe quotes fragments of the folk song, answered softly by strings. The flute plays an extended reference to the folk melody, again answered by strings. The music builds to a mild climax at mf, and the orchestral density gradually increases to include timpani and a majestic crash of cymbals.


Describe Rehearsal Section E.

the gentle mood is restored. Triangle adds a shimmering effect


Describe Rehearsal Section F and how the music is brought to a close

flutes and violins join in one final reminiscence o the folk tune. Closing measures are marked morendo and strings and French horn die away.