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Give example of digital output devices

Solenoid, buzzer, LED, relay, 7-segment display


What is a solenoid and give energy transformations

a coiled wire surrounding a metal core. no current pushes spring away, however current pulls it in.converts electrical to kinetic. used in central locking system of cars.


Buzzer energy change

Electrical to sound


What is a relay and give energy transformations

Switch operated by an electromagnet. Used in circuits where there is a smaller circuit connected to a larger circuit with a dangerously large current. Electrical to kinetic.


What is a LED and give energy transformations

A light at does not get hot. Electrical to light,


Give examples of analogue output

Motor, loudspeaker, bulb.


What is a motor and give energy transformations

Electrical to kinetic. Can be made digital by connecting it to a battery and switch sit that it is either on or off.


give energy transformations of loudspeaker

Electrical to sound


What is a bulb and give energy transformations

Can be analogue or digital using a dimmer or switch. Electrical to light.


What should be remembered when connecting LED?

That it only works one way (like an arrow) and must have a resistor.


Why must a resistor always be used with an LED?

To prevent to high a current damaging the junction in the LED.


What is a 7-segment display?

Seven LEDS that can show numbers depending on the combination.


How are output devices chosen?

Depending in what firm of energy is required and whether they are analogue or digital.


How does binary coding work?

8. 4. 2. 1.

0. 0. 0. 0. = 0
0. 1. 0. 1. = 5