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How many common features do most, if not all religions have?



What are the factors that affect Spiritual Development?

Facts, Opinions, Bias, Attitude and Prejudice


What is a Creed?

A system of beliefs that every religion adheres to.


What is a Code?

A system of moral lifestyles that people who adhere to a specific religion follow .


What is a Cult?

Rituals and worship by an individual or group of people.


Why are people religious?

There are three reasons:
1. psychological needs
2. social needs
3. fundamental needs.


Religious Impulse...

Is an urge a human has to believe in something


Individual religions can be sub-divided into not how many groups

6: conservative, orthodox, traditional, middle-or-road (liberal), temporary, reform.


What is faith?

Is a system of religious belief, a belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion


Faith has two general implications either exclusive or mutual. What are they?

To trust and to believe


According to Ninian Smart there are 7 Dimensions of Religion. What are these dimensions?

Rituals; Narrative and Mythic; Experiential and Emotional; Social and Institutional; Ethical and Legal; Doctrinal and Philosophical; Material.


The majority of conflicts on this planet have started due to conflicts in religious beliefs. True or False?



What are the four rules of religious dialogue

1. Respect the Faith and Religions of Others; 2. There is no Neutral Stance; 3. Accept the truth of Other Religions; 4. Accept the Importance of Religion


What is Multiculturalism?

A policy and law that recognizes and supports the diversity of a nation or province’s population, allowing multiple cultures to live side by side without compromising or abandoning their traditions and beliefs.


What is religious pluralism?

The co-existence of many religions in a society.


The search for meaning comes in 4 areas for why people accept Religion. They are:

1. The Physical (that which we can see and touch)
2. The Communal (relationships with others)
3. The Rational (reason)
4. Spiritual Experience (religion)


There are three main world views, what are they?

1. Cosmocentric (Nature itself is seen as an expression of the sacred - the universe is alive and filled with a spiritual presence.)
2. Theocentric (The belief is that God created the universe and is separate from the universe; each person is created in the image of God)
3. Secular Humanist (believe that the dignity of the person, human life and happiness are achieved through human reason and effort alone)


What is individualism?

It is the idea that only the “self” matters and one’s personal needs are paramount to all else.


What is Moral Relativism?

It is the idea that there are not any Universal (religious) values. Personal moral view is the only reality.


What is a theist?

A theist is anyone who believes in the existence of at least one god.


What three types of theists exist?

1. Monotheists (Belief in one universal God)
2. Polytheists (Belief in multiple gods and/or deities)
3. Pantheists (Everything is of an all-encompassing presence - God)


What is a deist?

Believes that there is a God and God "set in motion" the creation of the universe, but is not present in this world and does not interfere.


What is agnosticism?

Means "without knowledge". An agnostic is not sure whether there is a God or not (not enough evidence one way or the other).


What is an atheist?

Atheists believe that there is no such thing as the sacred, or the concept of God.


What is an Antitheist?

This person is actively opposed to religion, not just denying the existence of God; Someone who also believes in the existence of God but chooses to go against this or attack mainstream religions.


What are the 4 types of Religious Belief?

1. Mainstream Religions
2. Denominations
3. Sects
4. Cults


How many destructive forces are there in cults?



What is fundamentalism?

Rejects secular culture and the idea that religion should evolve in response to modern ways and thinking. Sacred texts should be taken literally word for word.


What are the two reasons religious pluralism exists in Canada today?

1. Immigration
2. Canada's Policy of Multiculturalism (Canadian Charter and Multicultural Act)


What is tolerance?

To be tolerant means to respect the rights and differences of others, but not to be afraid to speak out when the beliefs of another bring about injustice.