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What does the neural tube become?

Brain & Spinal Cord


What does the mesencephalon (midbrain) develop into?

Tectum, Tegmentum, Cerebral Peduncles


Where is the oculomotor and trochlear nucleus?



What does alar plate and basal plate become?

Alar = sensory = dorsal root
Basal = motor = ventral root


What is a positive babinski and when should it end?

Extending toes when you run a stick along bottom of foot.
During 1-2nd year of life.


What does the Neural canal form?

Ventricular system (ventricles of brac & central canal of spinal cord)


What does the neural crest form?

PNS + many non-neural derivatives & dorsal root ganglia = primary sensory neurons
-All sensory ganglia, schwann cells, enteric nerves, satellite cells


What does the neural plate become?

Neural plate -> neural folds -> neural groove -> neural crest & neural tube (becomes alar and basal plate)


What ventricle is associated with each secondary vesicle (development)?

Telencephalon - Lateral ventricle
Diencephalon - Third ventricle
Mesencephalon - Cerebral aquaduct
Metencephalon - Fourth ventricle
Myelenecephalon - Fourth ventricle


What causes syringomyelia?

Tubular cavitation of spinal cord (usually cervical or in upper thoracic region)
-Involves fibers crossing in ventral white commissure and eventually ventral horns and corticospinal tracts
-Initial signs = loss of pain & temp over shoulders and down arms due to damage of the fibers crossing in the ventral white commissure
-Often associated with Chiari type I malformation


What can alcohol effect during each trimester?

1st - cell migration & organization
2nd - definitive FAS traits
3rd - hippocampus, problems with encoding auditory and visual information (math and reading)