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What is the gland only in the armpit

Apocrine gland


What are the two types of skeletal systems

Endoskeleton and exoskeleton


What are the two problems with exoskeleton

There must be articulating joints to allow for movement and the joints have to be sealed to prevent dehydration of the internal tissues, and yet remain flexible.
Rigid so animal must replace periodically as it grows. Each replacement of the exoskeleton is called a molt. During this moot, the animal is sod and unprotected and vulnerable to predation because it cannot move effectively.


Characteristics of endoskeleton

Internal and grows with the organism, making molting unnecessary
Offers greater articulation as it is evident from the greater mobility and dexterity of animals such as human and the cat.


Function of vertebrae skeleton

Skeleton must support the weight of the organism.
Protective; note how brain, spinal cord, and eyes encased in and protected by bone. Also vital organs like lungs & heart located ribcage


Purpose of cartilage in endoskeleton

Flexibility and prevent bones from rubbing together
Ribs connected to breastbone by cartilage (shown as amber rubber). Allows ribs to flex and expand during respiration. In spinal column, intervertebral discs of cartilage (shown as white felt pads) cushion one vertebra against another. Front of pelvic girdle is joined by a band of cartilage, which allows the pelvis to expand in females during childbirth for passage of fetus.


Compare and contrast cat and human skeleton

Cat walks on all fours, fewer demands made upon vertebral column. Weight of body distributed over 4 feet rather than 2. Hence bone structure can be smaller to give agility. Vertebral column held horizontal rather than vertical, so vertebrae less likely to rub against each other. Internal organs suspended from spinal column that they do not lie on top of another like humans. Both pelvic girdle and rib cage of cat narrow side to side, while humans are flattened back to front.


How does bone grow in diameter

New bone deposited by osteogenic layer and new bone produced by Haversian system


Where is lipase produced and used

Lipase produced in pancreas
Secreted in small intestine (duodenum)


How is starch digested

Salivary amylase produced by salivary glands secreted in mouth
Pancreatic amylase produced by pancreas secreted in small intestine (duodenum)