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What do hormones control and regulate

Metabolism and energy balance
Growth and development
Body defences
General homeostasis


What is a glad

A structure that makes and secretes a hormone


How does the thyroid work

Produces thyroxine
Stimulates metabolism and binds to receptors in most of the cells in your body


What does your pituitary gland do

Produces many hormones including follicle-stimulating hormone
Helps regulate growth and trigger sexual maturity


How to water soluble hormones activate a cell

Receptors on target cells outside of membranes for hormones to attach to


How to lipid soluble hormones activate something in a cell

Receptor proteins are inside target cell as hormones can diffuse across membrane


How does a hormone effect a target cell

Increases or decreases some of its functions


How does the pancreas work

Controls blood sugar by releasing insulin or glucagon


What happens to your pancreas when your blood glucose concentration increases

Beta cells release insulin which lowers blood sugar by increasing rate of cells storing sugar as glycogen or fat


What happens to your pancreas when your blood sugar is low

Alpha cells release glucagon which raises blood sugar levels by decreasing storage of glycogen in the blood