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How is global energy demand expected to change?

Global energy demand is expected to increase by 1/3 from 2016-2040.


What countries are responsible for the increase in global energy demand?

Developin countries and emerging economies such as China & India.


With examples, state how the increase in global energy demand is being driven by developing countries and emerging economies.

OECD countries are expected a 0.0% p.a increase in energy consumption. Compared with Non-OECD countries which have a 2.0% p.a. increase.


State with examples how emerging economies are partly responsible for growing global energy demand.

China's global energy demand is expected to increase 1.5% p.a. between now and 2040. With India's expected to be 4.2% p.a.


How does the US energy consumption change between and 2040.

Demand is expected to increase by just 1%.


How does the EU's primary energy consumption change between 2016 and 2040.

The EU's primary energy consumption is expected to decrease by 11%.


What drives the EU's energy consumption decrease.

Technological improvements in fuel efficiency, government policy, social preferences.


How much does the industry sector account for global energy demand



Describe the EU's future energy mix.

By 2040, 40% of the EU's energy mix will be non-fossil fuels. Compared with the projected world average of 25%.


How has energy demand in transport changed over time?

Growth has slowed, due to gains in efficiency.
Growth is projected to slow even more in the future as we transition to fully electric and hybrid vehicles.


Who is the leader in renewables and how will this change in their countries future?

China, fossil fuels will account for just 20% of the increase in the energy supply of China.