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How much gas does the US have left.

The US has 5% of the world's proven gas reserves, however only an estimated 12 years of extraction left (at current rate).


Name the two countries with the highest proven gas reserves.

Iran has the highest at 18% with Russia second with 17%. However, Russia produces 580bcm of gas compared with Iran which is at 200bcm


How much gas does the UK produce and consume.

The UK is a net importer of gas.
It produces about 40bcm of gas and consumed 77bcm of gas as of 2016.
It only has 1.2% of the world's share of proven gas reserves.


Does the EU import or export gas?

The EU is heavily reliant on gas imports. It imports 4 times as much gas than it produces.

Some countries in the EU such as Bulgaria and Finland are 100% reliant on Gazprom for their gas.

Decreasing it's energy security.


Is China a net importer or exporter of gas?

China is a net exporter of gas. Consuming 138bcm but only producing 138bcm.

China has only 3% of the world's proven oil reserves.


State facts about qatars gas reserves.

Qatar has 13% of proven gas reserves. And an population of just 2.5 million.

Giving it an extremely high R/P ratio. Contributing to the fact the middle East has the highest R/P ratio of any continent.

For natural gas.


State facts about Canada's oil reserves.

Canada has 10% of the world's proven oil reserves.
Is the 4th largest exporter, producing 4.5million barrels per day whilst consuming just 2.3 million.


Name the top four oil exporters in ascending order.

Saudi Arabia


Which country has the largest reserves of oil?

Venzuela. Has 18% of the worlds proven reserves.
Produces 2.4 million barrels daily whilst consuming just 0.6 million.
However, it is a country suffering from an economic crisis, and production has been steadily declining since 2012


State facts about the 2nd largest oil exporter.

Russia holds 6% of the world's oil reserves, but is the world's 2nd largest exporter.

Produces 11.2 million barrels daily.
It accounts for 11% of total exports.


State statistics about China's oil production/consumption.

China is a net importer of oil, producing 4million barrels daily but consuming 12.4 million barrels daily. Making it the biggest oil importer.


Is Saudi Arabia a oil importer or exporter?

Saudi Arabia is a net exporter. The world's largest exporter. Producing 12.3 million barrels daily. It accounts for a 20% share of global oil exports.


Does the EU import or export crude oil overall? And who are the players?

The bulk of EU oil imports are from Russia. An increasing percentage. It's reliance on Russian imports has increased from 22% in 2001 to 30% in 2016. The EU imported 14.2 million barrels daily in 2016.


State the 4 countries with the most coal reserves.

1) US
2) China
3) Russia
4) Australia


Who a large importers of coal?

India, and Japan.


Where does Japan get its coal imports from?

Mostly Australia.


How much coal does the US have left?

US has 22% of worlds proven reserves and 380 years of extraction left at its current rate.


How much coal does China have left?

China has 72 years left of extraction remaining despite having 21% of the worlds coal reserves. As it is the largest coal user globally, using half the worlds total coal.


Is Australia a net importer or exporter of coal?

Australia is a net exporter of coal and has 13% of the worlds proven reserves.


State the effect of politics on coal consumption in the EU?

Political pressure in the EU is decreasing coals share of the Energy Mix. IEA states European coal use will need to decline by 80% to meet the 2030 terms of the Paris Agreement.


How has wind power changed due to technology.

It's price is continuing to decrease. Off shore wind in the U.K. Has decreased by 1/3 since 2012.