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What is the equation for GPE?

GPE= mass x gravity x height


How do you find the energy of something moving up and down?

The KE at the bottom will be equal to the GPE at the top, so find one to find out the other. PofCofE


How do you find out the efficiency?

Efficiency = useful energy out / total energy in (x100).


How do you find out the efficiency over one second?

Efficiency = useful POWER out / total POWER in (x100)


What are the rules when drawing a sankey diagram?

Use a scale for the different amount of energy. Draw the useful energy going forwards, and the waste energy going off the side.


What is power and how do you find it out?

Power is the unit that tells us how much energy is used by a process PER SECOND.
Power(J/S or watts) = energy changed(J) / time taken(s)


What is work done and how do you calculate it?

Work done is when you apply a force to an object, and make it move. Work done(J) = force(N) x distance moved in direction of force(M). The force is sometimes the weight.


What is the equation for kinetic energy?

KE= 1/2 x mass x velocity^2