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what duties does an employer have under the health and safety at work act

to provide a safe system of work
 provide safe equipment, plant and machinery
 provide supervision, instruction and training
 safe access and egress from place of work


what are the duties under the manual handling regulations

Use the training and instructions provided to ensure that you lift correctly

Follow the safe systems of work such as wearing correct
PPE or not entering safety zone to help reduce risk

Follow the risk assessment and the control measures
contained within it, designed to identify potential risks

Use mechanical means wherever possible (eg forklift) to
avoid any manual handling by yourself


state the benefits of composite materials compared to metals

Lighter weight compared to steel, providing fuel efficiency
 Percentage of a car has to be recycled
 Composites can be mass produced
 Steel materials corrode and rust
 Composites last for longer periods
 High strength-to-weight ratio
 Carbon fibre looks good
 Stronger/stiffer materials than steel
 Weight for weight much stronger than steel
 Increased rigidity
 Faster due to power-to-weight ratio
 Suited to electric vehicles/improved range.


what is a hacksaw used for

Used for manually cutting metals into shapes such as squares, rectangles, or for cutting solid or hollow sections across the section.


how do you operate a hacksaw

Hacksaw is held with one finger against the frame and gripped by the handle. The starting point is pulled back to place a starting cut against the indicated cutting line. the other hand is used to hold the front of the hacksaw frame. Hacksaw cuts on the draw as work proceeds.


how can a pillar drill be used safely

Foot-operated pedal that allows for an immediate stop when the operator lifts the foot off it

Emergency stop button that allows for an immediate stop when pressed, allowing colleagues to stop the drill

PPE- such as safety glasses/goggles to reduce risk of
particles entering eye when drilling

 Machine guards to prevent debris flying when the drill is in operation by containing it

Do not enter zones around workers to keep others at a safe distance from the drill


what are the benefit of using SI units

use of an internationally recognized standard
 ensures consistency if parts made in different countries
enables all manufacturers in different countries to understand the measurement unit used
 measurement of dimensions for engineering product
 enables tolerances to be specified and applied
 distances can be calculated
 fuel measurements
 area of wings measured = lift
 weight of plane
 size, shape, volume, capacity


what are the benefits of using engineering equations

travel and distance established
 fuel efficiency calculations
 number of passengers carried
 weight calculations
distance vs fuel on vehicles
 engineer design


define tolerance and its benefits

Tolerance is the variation allowed on any stated dimension in order for the product being manufactured to still achieve its desired function.
 Tolerance is usually indicated in an engineering drawing with the plus-minus symbol (±), a mathematical sign used in
engineering to demonstrate the variation allowed over + and under - the stated dimension.


describe the difference between ferrous and non ferrous metals

Ferrous metals mostly contain iron. They have small amounts of other metals or elements added, to give the required properties. Ferrous metals are magnetic and give little resistance to
 Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, are not magnetic and are usually more resistant to corrosion than ferrous metals.


how would you operate a scriber tool

Hold the scriber like a pen on the rubber grip/ knurled part and move it along a ruler accept any straight edge tool
 use the suitable end of the scribe
 Hold the scribe at an angle of 45 degrees move it in the direction that the scriber head is tilted
 use of scribe by drawing along the edge to create a visible line


what are the benefits of using sustainable products

Gives a business edge.
a company can promote itself as an environmentally
conscious business and stand out from other companies that are just there to make a profit. Consumers want to support businesses that reflect their values
Attract environmentally aware customers looking for more
sustainable products Some of them do so because they want to reduce their own environmental impact


what problems have chemical engineers solved and what is the impact

antigenic - to provide immunity against diseases
 antiseptics - to prevent germ growth
 analgesic - to reduce pain
 food preservers - increase the life span of food
 alternative to fossil fuel eg bio-ethanol – reducing
environmental impact
 lengthening life span
 improving quality of life
 reducing or removing discomfort
 reducing or avoiding the risk of spread of infectious diseases
 curing illness
 ensuring that food stays fresh longer reducing waste
 reducing levels of climate change