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What is a simple sentence?

Contains a subject and a verb and it expresses a single thought that can stand on its own. Eg:
The baby cried for food. 'The baby' is the subject and 'cried' is the verb.


What is a compound sentence?

Basically contains 2 simple sentences, its joined by a conjunction and has 2 independent clauses. Eg: the shoplifter had clothes, so he ran from the police. 'The shoplifter had stolen clothes' is the first independent clause, 'so he ran from the police' is the second independent clause.


What is a complex sentence?

It's an independent clause joined by one or more dependant clauses, and it always has a subordinating conjunction or relative pronoun. Eg: after eating lunch at the restaurant, Tim went to exercise at the gym. 'After' is a subordinating conjunction, 'after eating lunch at the restaurant' is the independent clause and 'Tim went to exercise at the gym' is the dependent clause.