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During an ENT exam, what two other exams should you ALWAYS DO?

lungs and heart


What tool allows you the check for movement of the TM?

pneumatic otoscope


What can a tympanometer be useful for?

id effusion


Upon examination of the TM, you identify a cyst in the middle ear space. You can also see that the TM is retracted/perforated. What are you worried about?

Cholesteatoma. could be destructive and erosive to ossicles.You will see keratin debris. The most common cause of this is prolonged eustachian tube dysfunction with chronic NEG EAR PRESSURE!


A patient with a cholesteatoma usually has a history of..

chronic ear infections


How do you diagnose and what do you do?

CT scan for dx, and refer to ENT


A wrestler comes in, and you notice some necrosis and blood pooling on the external auricle. What should you do?

I&D!!! immediatley, but may come back.


When do the frontal sinuses appear? What sinuses are the kids born with?

age 4, making it unlikely the will develop a frontal sinustits until 6-7. maxillary and ethmoid.


What would be your three main reasons for order a CT for a nose/sinus disorder?

dx acute vs chronic sinusitis
med treatment fails
suspect a mass

CTs are tHE GOLD STANDARD...use sparingly in kids.


Which diagnosit scan is not useful for nose/sinus work ups?



What are common labs ordered for a oral cavity/pharynx work up?

rapid strep test, throat culture, cbc, monospot