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A tool used by project planners whereby proposed projects are analyzed for the possible impact that their implementation may have on the environment

Environmental Impact Assessment System


It is used to predict the impact of the project to the environment

Aldo Leopold Matrix


Known as the Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System

PD 1586


Basic DENR policy

to attain and maintain a rational and orderly balance between economic growth and environmental protection


A measure of capacity of the environment to absorb impacts within recovery threshold so there is no significant deterioration of resources to a point where sustainable ecosystem function is impaired

Carrying Capacity


surrounding air, water, land, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelations



It is any activity which may have varying levels of significance of impact on the environment



It is an industry whose project operation stage involves chemical, mechanical or other processes

Process Industry


any natural or juridical person intending to implement a project or undertaking



entities who may be directly or significantly affected by the project or undertaking



a professional or group of professionals commissioned by the proponent to prepare the EIS/IEE and other documents

Environmental Impact Assessment Consultant


A body of independent technical experts and professionals of known probity from various fields organized by the EMB to evaluate the EIS and other related documents and to make appropriate recommendations regarding issuance or non-issuance of an ECC

Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee


Community based multi sectoral team organized for the purpose of monitoring the Proponent's compliance with ECC conditions, EMP and applicable laws, rules and regulations

Multipartite Monitoring Team (MMT)


the director of the DENR-EMB at the central office

EMB Director


the Director of the DENR-EMB at the Regional Office

EMB RD/ EMB RO Director


The document issued by the DENR-EMB certifying that based on the representations of the proponent and the preparers, as reviewed and validated by the EIARC, the proposed project or undertaking will not cause a significant negative environmental impact, that the proponent has compiled with all the requirements of the EIS System

Environmental Compliance Certificate


a certification issued by the EMB certifying that, based on the submitted project description, the project is not covered by the EIS System and is not required to secure an ECC

Certificate of Non Coverage (CNC)


Remaining impacts after implementation of preventive and mitigating measures

Residual Impacts


Additive impacts from various sources

Cumulative Impacts


impacts which damage the environment to the point that the environmental resource loses its capacity to sustain life or to continue functioning within baseline levels and efficiency

Significant impacts


Fund to be set up by a project proponent which shall be readily accessible and disbursable for the immediate clean up or rehabilitation of areas affected by damages in the environment and the resulting deterioration of environmental quality as a direct consequence of a project's construction, operation or abandonment

Environmental Guarantee Fund (EGF)


Fund that a proponent shall set up after an ECC is issued for its project or undertaking, to be used to support the activities of the multi-partite monitoring team.

Environmental Monitoring Fund (EMF)


process that involves evaluating and predicting the likely impacts of a project on the environment during construction, commissioning, operation and abandonment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Assessment, through the use of university accepted and scientific methods, of risks associated with a project.

Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)


Capability of Proponents to mitigate environmental impacts of projects or programs

Environmental Performance


It is open, transparent, gender-sensitive, and community-based public involvement in the EIA process, aimed at ensuring the social acceptability of a project design and development and continuing until post-assessment monitoring

Public Participation:


Acceptability of a project by affected communities based on timely and informed participated in the EIA process particularly with regard to environmental impacts that are of concern to them

Social Acceptability


The stage in the EIS system where information and project impact assessment requirements are more definitely established and focused to provide the proponent and the stakeholders for the final scope of work and terms for the EIS



Phase in the ECC application review process to check for the completeness the required documents, conducted by EIAM Division at the EMB

Procedural Review


Describes the nature, configuration, use of raw materials and natural resources, production system, waste or pollution generation and control and the activities of a proposed project

Projection Description