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contexts of the style

- influenced by WW1
- influenced by philosophies of G.W.F Hegel and Karl Marx
- influenced by rising regimes (socialism, communism, nazism, capitalism)


key practitioners

- Bertolt Brecht
- Erwin Piscator


intention and purpose

- force the audience to think critically about money, power and ethics
- wakes audience to political realities outside the theatre
- appeal is intellectual, not emotional
- stop audience empathising with the characters and becoming caught up in the action



- breaking the fourth wall
- transformation of object, time, place, character
- symbolic gesture
- narration
- placards and/or signs to give info about plot, character, setting period, events
- character changes on stage
- actors playing multiple characters
- reading stage directions
- explaining the scene before it happens


origins of style

- mid-20th centruy from the theories and practice of a number of theatre practitioners



- a theatrical technique that helps define emotion within a character and the context they're in
- gesture and social meaning into one movement stance or vocal display
- can be alienating and jarring