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what was france's reaction to globilisation (maintaining culture)?

French gov't extremely supportive of French film makers and subsidises works filmed in the French language.
under local content law, 40% of tv output must be in French.
French language music heavily promoted on radio stations.


What is pluralism and an example to do with culture ?

Pluralism basically means things coexisting.
E.g. EU nations tolerate equal rights for all migrants to practise religious+cultural beliefs.


What is cultural assimilation?

The process in which minority traits disappear as immigrants adopt host values.


What is a diaspora?

people who have spread or been dispersed from their homeland.


What is the cultural continuum- from progressive acceptance to resistance to diversity ?

Hybridism/"melting point"
Citizenship testing
Internet censorship
Religious intolerance
Closed door to migration


What is China's quota on films ?

34 foreign films a year.


What is the development gap ?

The social and economic disparity between the wealthy and the poor.


What is GII and its three dimensions ?

Gender Inequality Index :
1) reproductive health
2) empowerment
3) labour market participation


How is reproductive health measured in the GII?

Maternal mortality
Adolescent fertility rates


How is empowerment measured in GII?

Female membership in parliament
Participation in higher education


What's transfer mispricing ?

trade between related parties at prices meant to manipulate markets or to deceive tax authorities.


What fact highlights the world's inequalities ?

Richest 300 have more than poorest 3 billion people.


How does the UK limit migration ?

Since 2010 a 5 tier points system has been in place designed to limit migration .
Tier 1: prepared to invest 2£billion in U.K. or posses "exceptional talent"
Tier 2: skilled workers w specific job offer to fill gaps in UK labour force.


What does PPP stand for?

Purchasing Power Parity


What is the Gini Coefficient ?

Ratio of areas on the Lorenz Curve.


Where is a trans boundary water conflict taking place ?

Mekong delta


How are China and Laos involved with the Mekong Delta ?

China- owns half the length of Mekong. Southern part=1 of China's poorest regions. Damming river to generate HPE would generate economic development.
Laos- v poor, 90% depends on Mekong for agriculture. Dams for HPE would reduce flow downstream.


How is Vietnam involved with the Mekong delta ?

Mekong delta=fertile area of 50,000km2 which supports 40%vietnams population. Annual floods allow large amount of rice to be grown- damming would decrease river flow in Vietnam, decreasing rice production.


How are Thailand and Cambodia involved with the Mekong basin?

Cambodia- nearly all in Mekong basin. Cambodia depends on the river for crucial annual floods for rice growing.
Thailand- would like water + electricity generated by dams for industrial development+to stem the flow of migrants to its cities.


What are the First Nations ?

6 groups of indigenous people that Canada is home to.


What's an example of indigenous people and TNCs clashing ?

People of the Mackenzie+Yukon river basins oppose attempts of global oil companies to "switch off" their region, which is an area of boreal forest and tundra.


What indigenous people were affected by globalisation +petrol development near Norman Wells, Canada ?

The Dene residents of the Sahtu region.
(First Nations people)


What are the concerns about globilisation in Norman Wells?

Over 200 million barrelled extracted since 1920- Death of trout +other fish in oil polluted polluted lakes- lifestyle based on a subsistence fishing, hunting, and trapping is fundamental to Dene's cultural identity.
Effects of alcohol+drugs brought by oil workers on Dene group.


What is the 'great firewall of China' ?

Widespread internet censorship:
Everything google blocked- no yt, insta, twitter, fb, drive...
More than 2mill Chinese internet police officers.
Great Cannon- new cyberweapon to intercept global websites.
Largest no. Of imprisoned journalists+hackers on the world.


What are 4 illegal global flows?

1) Afghanistan to U.K.: by some estimates 60% of Afghanistan's GDP at come from illegal opium trade
2) Nepal to India- girls as young as 10 kidnapped+taken to India where they're sold to brothels/modern slavery.
3) Columbia to USA: 99% cocaine reaching USA is from Columbia
4) Myanmar to Thailand- 100,000 illegal immigrants a year escaping repression in Myanmar try get into Thailand+ intercepted by Thai guards.


What's a fact about the richest and poorest countries ?

Average income in:
-Luxembourg $105000 per year
-South Sudan $220


What are 3 prohibited global flows?

1) world to China: Great firewall+great cannon
2) Cuba to USA (till 2015): USA imposed complete trade embargo in 1962 as a result of Cold War.
3) Australia to NZ: for 50 years imports of honey from Australia banned in NZ bc "bio security threat"- au bees have a disease.


What's an example of inequality within a country ?

China's coastal cities average income over $10000, rural west under $2000


What's an example of global inequality ?

2016 oxfam report: richest 1% have same amount of money as other 99%.


What are the axis of the Lorenz curve ?

Population (with increasing income) on x axis
Cumulative share of income on y axis


Who are the losers of globalisation ?

1) isolated rural populations
2) workers in old industrial cities in the developed world who lost jobs
3) workers in sweatshops in developing countries
4) slum communities in developing megacities eg Lagos


What are some examples of the rise of extremism?

1) brexit 2016
2) anti immigration political parties rising
3) in 2014 51% of Swiss votes in favour of stopping mass immigration in a referendum


Who are the winners of globilisation ?

-1800 billionaires in 2016 made wealth through ownership of global TNCs
-developed countries who've retained their wealth
-rising middle class in emerging countries who've gained outsourced and offshore jobs
-people who work for TNCs in developed countries


What are four examples of anti immigration political parties ?

1) UKIP in the uk
2) Front National in France
3) Dutch Party for Freedom
4) Freedom Party of Austria


What are transition towns ?

the NGO 'transition network' encourages towns to grow their own food in community gardens, cycle, recycle waste, reuse materials, some even have their own currency to encourage local trade


What are some efforts to make globalisation sustainable ?

1) transition towns
2) fair trade
3) ethical consumption schemes
4) recycling


What are 2 examples of transition towns ?



What is an example of an ethical consumption scheme ?

FSC -forest stewardship council


What does FSC do?

Uses logo on wood products sourced from sustainable forests helping consumers ensure products not contributing to environmental degradation.
Criteria: forestry must respect land rights of indigenous people and that workers are well paid


What is a criticism of FSC?

Too brand focussed


What was the recycling in the U.K. From 2003 to 2013?

2003: 17%
2013: 44%


what is cultural imperialism?

forced assimilation of culture.


how many people speak globish (basic English-1500 words)?

4 billion


what is PPP?

a way of measuring economic variables in different countries so that irrelevant exchange rate variations do not distort comparisons.