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Undecided or unsure; equivocating; conflicted in one's opinions.;ambivalent

Would you want to have a special talent in something? Maybe as a musician or an athlete? I'm .....about this.

Y]ou could not be indifferent to the war, you could not be of two minds about it. And yet—Jimmie Higgins was of two minds! He wanted to beat back the Huns, who had made all this fearful mess; but also he wanted to beat the profiteers who were making messes at home.


хорошо подготовленный

ometimes I watch TV or read about someone who has a special talent. This was true during the Olympics. Some of those athletes I saw were very talented. Whether it was playing soccer, running track, ice skating, or doing gymnastic routines, you could see how gifted they were and how ...... and focused they were.



To make a person feel emotionally moved in a pleasant way.

I get the same feeling when I see musicians who can sing well or play an instrument easily. Watching or listening to them can ........ I sometimes wish I had a special gift like theirs.

The view from the top, over the sea to the islands, simply takes your breath away.
When he asked me out, it took my breath away.


развивать талант

Some of these kids don't go to school but are taught at home with tutors instead. They may be sent away to teachers or trainers in other cities, sometimes even without their parents. And, sometimes they spend so much time ..... their talent, they don't have much time to develop other parts of their lives.

develop talent

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