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To be aware or conscious; to look closely or carefully; to use caution. Often used in the imperative.

a warning to say someone can be in danger, someone should be careful about smth; a warning to let people know that there is a danger and they need to be careful

For me, things never go very smoothly at my local post office. I've learned that if you want to mail a letter, you'll have no problems. But if things get more complicated than that, well, .....!

* Watch out for the cars when you cross the street! They drive too quickly here.


to move out of one's way

You want insurance with that?" he asked me. "Uh, I don't know, what do you recommend?" "Well," he said, "you can send it priority with tracking if you want to see when it gets there, you can send it insured if the contents are valuable, or you can do both." "Okay, I'll take the insurance." "Then ..... to fill out the insurance form," he said, "and bring it back up to me when you're finished."

step aside


быть на перерыве

I waited patiently until the gentleman being waited on in front of me was finished, and then stepped back up to the window. "Sorry," the clerk said, "I'm ..... now. She can help you at the next window."

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