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What are the ETOPS Fuel Reserves?

• CPE to the diversion airport (1,500' overhead the airport);
• IFR approach and land;
• 15 minutes holding at 1,500';
• Special holding fuel as required for INTER/TEMPO;
• Tail number correction;
• Effect of any MEL/CDL ITEM;
• APU fuel consumption, if required as a power source.
*** NOTE: There is no VFR for ETOPS calculations. To account for
errors in wind forecasting, a 5% wind speed factor is added to
the actual winds used (increment to headwind or decrement to


What is ETOPS?

ETOPS/EDTO means any flight by a turbine-powered aeroplane where flight time at the 1-inop cruise speed (in ISA and still air) from a point on the route to an ADEQUATE Aerodrome that is greater than the threshold time (60min for QF).