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What are the requirements for an alternate? (AIP GEN 3.5)

• More than SCT below alternate minima;
• Visibility less than alternate minima;
• Visibility forecast with Prob% of fog, mist, dust etc;
• X-Wind/Downwind component greater than aircraft maximum;
• TS, SEV turbulence.


What is CAVOK? (AIP GEN 3.5)

• Visibility greater than 10km;
• No significant cloud below 5000' or below the highest 25nm MSA, whichever is greater, and no CB or TCB at any height;
• Nil significant weather.


What is the TAF validity?

• Issued every 6hrs;
• Valid for 24 or 30hrs, commencing 00, 06, 12 and 1800 UTC;
• Must be valid for 30min before and 60min after planned arrival.
• 5nm of aerodrome reference point;
• Cloud height Above Aerodrome Level (AAL).


What are the requirements for Special Alternate Minima (SAM)?

• Dublicated LOC, G/P, Marker and VOR receivers, or;
• One Marker and DME (assuming the aircraft has 2 x ADF systems when NDB is used for ILS);
• Only available during tower hours, or;
• When METAR/SPECI service is available;
• HGS serviceable can be used if G/P is U/S.


What is the wet runway policy?

• Moderate/heavy rain;
• TS;

PROB is considered dry (even for TS or +RA)
SH or SHRA shall be deemed as insufficient to produce a wet runway also.