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Define the term 'euthanasia'.

The deliberate killing of a person for their own benefit.


When was suicide decriminalised?

The 1961 Suicide Act


What are the two different types of euthanasia?

Active euthanasia and passive euthanasia.


Define the term 'active euthanasia'.

Medication is given with the express purpose of shortening someone's life.


Define the term 'passive euthanasia'.

The withdrawal of life sustaining treatment leading to someone's death.


Give a Christian view of suffering.

Some Christians believe that suffering can bring us closer to God, by moulding character and helping us empathise with others who suffer. Mother Teresa said that suffering was like 'the kiss of Jesus'


What does the term 'QALYS' mean?

Quality adjusted life years. It's the criteria used by Doctors to measure quality of life.

Eg: Is it worth using a million pound drug to keep someone with cancer alive for a week longer?


What arguments for Euthanasia did Tony Nicklinson give?

"The right to life includes the right to die."


What arguments against euthanasia did Jean Dominique Bauby give?

"I am alive, I can think, and no-one has the right to deny me these two realities."


What stance does the Catholic Church take against euthanasia?

They forbid it on sanctity of life grounds, unless the doctrine of double effect is used.


What is 'the doctrine of double effect'?

If death is a secondary effect to another medical procedure.

Eg: If a woman has cancer of the womb and must have her womb removed to survive but as a consequence her unborn child is killed.

Eg: If the intention is to relieve the pain of a dying patient but the painkillers speed up the dying process.


What is the Hippocratic Oath?

"First do no harm."


Give 3 arguments against euthanasia.

*Sanctity of life arguments: "Thou Shalt Not Kill." "There is a time to be born and a time to die." Imagio dei, etc

*Elderly relatives may feel as though they are a burden.

* Slippery slope argument

* It goes against the Hippocratic Oath- would you trust a Doctor if you knew they had the power to kill you?

* The hospice movement provides a credible alternative.


Who was Diane Pretty?

A sufferer of Motor Neurone Disease. Her husband sought to be grant immunity from prosecution if he assured her in euthanasia, but was denied. She consequently suffered a long,drawn out death which she had sought to avoid.


Give an example of involuntary active euthanasia.

Hitler's T4 programme.


Give an example of passive involuntary euthanasia.

Tony Bland.