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what is Euthanasia

Is the deliberate termination of an individual’s life (at that individual’s request), Or in medical practice the active and deliberate termination of a patients life, on that patients request, by a doctor.


Active Euthanasia

done intentionally by giving a lethal injection or drinking a barbituate to end a terminal illness


Passive Euthanasia

withdrawing treatment or switching off a life support machine and allowing a person to die


voluntary euthanasia

carried out at the request of a fully informed person


non- voluntary euthanasia

if a person is unable to give consent or to express their own wishes


double effect

were the primary actions is to relieve pain by the secondary is death


arguments for euthanasia

>Secular age, people don’t believe in god. Right to decide.
>Your life! 1961 suicide act- not illegal. Humane
>82% of UK agree V.E should be legal
>We put dogs down, why not humans
>Mary Warnock- those who have lost sense of dignity should be respected.
>‘Nature has placed mankind under two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure and that alone should point out what we do’ Bentham
>If god is love, you should show love to others.
>No specific in Bible, V.E isn’t murder, ‘death is better than a miserable life and eternal rest then chronic sickness’
>Pain relief at childbirth, but none at death- Albert Camus
>Contraception is widely accepted in Cath. Laity, so too should V.E. both issues are concerned with life and death and right of individual to make own decisions – Pro Hans King
>Honesty. Patients needs, could strengthen relationship
>Holland- 3% of deaths are due to V.E
>Backstreet abortions, suicide might get worse?
>Each year 25,000 people in Holland ask to have life ended if life was intolerable, only 9,000 repeated, 3,000 had it
>‘To say people are forced into V.E is like saying making love is rape’ Annie Lindsell
>‘People in a vegitive state are not people’ Fletcher
>Limited healthcare. 20% of people given extra-ordinary care have no chance of survival


arguments against euthanasia

Christians believe life is a gift from god, stewardship.
>Effects others (doctors)
>Involves another person. Pressurize people.
>Majority does not always make you right (racism). Weak and Vulnerable need protecting
>Human created in the image of god. Modern palliative care.
>Dignity of human life is inherent. CofE- not just pleasure or pain but feeling that makes you human.
>Sharing in God’s pain, union with God, Fathers will.
>‘Undermines sense of unconditional love and value which compassion is grounded’ R.Williams
>‘You must not murder’
>Medicine should preserve life. Patients can decline care.
>No trust. Patients may fear doctors have other motives
>0.8% of deaths in Holland are due to non-voluntary.
>weak and vulnerable may feel obliged to kill them.
>Must uphold law
>25,000 asked- that’s a lot
>Could it pressure people into it?
>Sanctity of life
>Unjust? Shows lack of respect