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what is pragnatism

a moral solution is only good if it is practical


What are the four presumptions



what is relativism

there is no absolute principle. every decision depends on the situation or context


what is positivism

statements of faith precede reason


what is personalism

ethical theory and morality deals with people first over principles.


what are the six fundamental principles (presuppositions)

1. love only is always good
2. love is the only norm
3. love and justice are the same
4. love is not liking
5. love justifies its means
6. love decides there and then


what does 'love is always good' mean?

love is intrinsically good, all acts should be done for love- 'agape'


what does love is the only norm' mean?

love replaces law. Laws are mere reflections of love in action, there are simply a guide.


what does 'love and justice are the same' mean?

justice is love distributed, they are one in the same thing.


what does 'love is not liking' mean?

'agape' means doing good even if you don't like it. loving and liking aren't the same thing.


what does 'love justifies the means' mean?

it is the end result and not the act that counts.


what does 'love decides there and then' mean?

loves decisions are made situationally not prescriptively freedom away from laws is required.


what is situation ethics?

Joseph Fletcher said that each situation should be considered on its merits and should be made on 'agape' love. it is a half way point between legalism and antinomianism.


quote from J. Fletcher On conscience

there is no conscience, conscience is merely a word for our attempts to make a decision creativly, constructively and fittingly.


what are Fletcher's 'four cases'

1. christian cloak and dagger
2. sacrificial adultery
3. 'himself might his quietus make'
4. special bombing mission No.13


what is christian cloak and dagger

US defence agency wants an attractive female to seduce a married man so he can be vblackmailed.


what is 'sacrificial adultery'

end of WW2 a women is arrested for foraging for food and sent to a prison camp. she can get out by falling ill or getting pregnant. she gets pregnant by a guard and is reunited with her family and the child is oved.


what is 'himself might his quietus make'

jim is a construction engineer married with 5 kids. he finds out he has cancer, he could survive for 3 years on pills costing $40 every 3 days causing debt or 3 months without. however the insurance company finds out he has cancer it would not pay out and if he kills himself they will get $100,000 plus more from employer.


what is 'special bombing mission No.13'

august 6th 1945 enola gay dropped atomic bomb on hiroshima. 3 days later on nagisaki. 152,000 kiled plus more L-T.


what are the positives of situation ethics

fits into way J acted
personal freedom
love is human condition
person centered
love and justice
attitudinal and emotional
can we go wrong with love as a guide?


what are the negatives of situation ethics

1. too much freedom?
2. it would be 'ideal in a world of saints' -we do not
3. what is the most loving way?
4. laws protect society
5. NT has certain rules- theft isn't accurate representation of NT morality
6. Utopic
7. allow anything?


what are the three types of genetic engeneering

> somatic cells
> germ line gene therapy
> enhancement therapy


what is somatic cell engineering

genetic changes to particular genes. not passed on


what is germ line gene therapy

changing genetic material in germ line genes (reproductive cells) to eradicate diseases
>mistake carried on, sickle cell anaemia stops malaria- we do not know enough.not 100% success yet. why do genetic diseases exist?
> would prevent a child suffering , eradicate serious diseases


what is enhancement therapy

changing certain characteristics
+, removal of genetic diseases eg mitochondrial
-, designer babies, not sure how changing genes will change person, which genes do we change? two tiered society


What is Legalism

Sets rules and laws to follow
> Catholics follow Natural Law
> Protestants follow the Bible


What is Agape Love?

> Altristic- no reward
> Non- reciprocal
> non- preferential


What is Anti- Nomian

no rules or laws- 'against law'
> Luther in C16- Libertarianism and the Gnostic Claim
> Libertarianism- grace and new life of Christ means it doesn't matter what we do
> Gnostic Claim- Special knowledge from God means we know what to do, do not need rules to tell us