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What are the three types of study designs in nutrition science?

1. Correlational - quantifying the R^2 relationship between two variables
2. Casual/comparative - attempting to establish causality but the independent variable is not under control of the researcher
3. Experimental - rarely done, independent variable is under control of the researcher. Problem is you don't know all the confounding variables


Why is it difficult to design many studies in nutrition?

Ethical considerations in running true experiments. Not all results in rats are generalizable.


What are the reasons why people might believe in quackery?

1. Ignorance - ignorant regarding their own claims
2. Placebo effect
3. Regression fallacy - something "helped" when they would've gotten better anyway
4. Fear of side effects / cost
5. Desperation for a treatment to work
6. Distrust in conventional medicine
7. Conspiracy theories
8. Research fraud for a political / commercial agenda


What are the common reasons for NUTRITION study misinformation?

1. Signal to noise - risk we are looking for is so small that it can be unable to see real changes, data just looks like noise. What is the real signal?
2. Method standarization - there is little agreement on what the gold standard for experimental standards are
3. We only publish interesting and exciting results


Why is it so difficult to inform people about proper nutrition?

Everyone eats, and has a preconceived notion of what's good and bad. Also, everyone who shouldn't be commenting on nutrition tends to have a large voice, which makes communication difficult