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What did Aristotle believe in?

Believed in the Scala of Naturae & Believed that nonliving and living things are "fixed" and do not change over time. He also did not believe that species could go extinct/created.


Describe the Scala of Naturae

- A ladder like classification of nature from simplest --> complex.

- Humans were at the top of ladder and even inorganic matter was included (fire, water, wood, etc)


What did Geoges Cuvier believe in & what was he the founder of?

He believed in the Theory of Catastrphe & he was the founder of Paleontology


What did the Thoery of Catastrophism establish

That extinction was a fact


What 2 things did Jean Baptise believe in?

Principle of Use and Disuse & Inheritance of Accquired Traits


Describe the Principle of Use and Disuse

The more an organism uses a trait the more it grows in that creatures lifetime. The less likely they use it the more likely it will be erased from a generation.


Describe the Inheritance of Acquired Traits

An Organism can pass on to its offspring physical characteristics that the parent accquired through use and disuse


What was Lamarck's 3 Contributions?

1) All species change over time

2) New Characteristics are passed from one generaton to the next

3) Organisms change in response to their enviroment


What did Charles Darwin do on his voyage?

Observed that plants and animals adapt to their own enviroments


List the 3 influences on Darwin:

1) ) Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell:

2) Personal Observations

3) Essay on the Principle of the Population by T.Malthus


Describe natural selection

A mechanism for evolution


What are the 4 requirements for Natural Selection?

1) Natural Variation

2) Heritability

3) Differential Survival

4) Differential Reproduction


What is Natural Variation?

Individuals within the same species have variation


What is Heritability?

The only traits that can be inherited by offspring are ones that are genetic


What is Differential Survival?

Many offspring do not survive due to low resources


What is Differential Reproduction

All organisms can produce more offspring than the enviroment can support


What is the Malthus Principle

Every generation more offspring than the envroment can support


What was On the Origin of Species by Mean of Natural Selection by Charles Darwin about?

Proposed that all diversity of life is driven by Natural Selection & that all life on Earth is related to and evolved form a common ancestor


Is there a goal for natural selection?



Does natural selection create?

No, it only modifies & selects the best traits


List the 5 pieces of evidence for

1) Fossils

2) Biogeogrpahical

3) Anatomical

4) Similarities in Embryos

5) Biochemical (DNA)


What can you prove with fossils?

You can trace the evolutionary ancestry of an organism


Describe Biogeography in reference to fossils

Provides info on how different groups may have evolved due to the geographic distributions of animals and plants


Describe anatomical in reference to fossils

All vertebrea forelimbs contain the same sets of bones ( Homologous Structures )


Describe the similarties in embroys in reference to fossils

Embryos of different species look & develop similarily


Describe Biochemicals in reference to fossil s

All organisms have a degree of similarity in the DNA base structures


What is MIcroevolution?

Accumulation of small genetic changes within a single population

Microevolution takes place within a short period of time & below a species level


What is a population?

A group of organisms among the same species in the same geographic area


When do you know when a population has evolved?

When there is a change in the allele frequency


What is a species

A group of organisms that can interbreed, reproduce, and share a genetic heritance naturally