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What is the biopsychosocial model?

Health psychology’s approach to understanding the complex interactions of the individual and environments that produce a dynamic state of health/illness


What are benefits of the biopsychosocial model?

patients have a more active roll in their care and are more educated


What did the biomedical model focus on?

fighting the disease and telling the patient what to do


What is critical thinking?

thinking beyond what is told to you, asking "why" "how" "what", evaluates and re-questions the evidence


What is belief bias?

when one's own beliefs affects the data being collected


What is correlation?

a relationship between two factors


What is a positive correlation?

when each variable decreases or increases in tandem


What is a negative correlation?

when one variable increases while the other variable decreases


What is epidemiology?

the study of frequency, distribution, and causes of a disease in a population


What is the gold standard research method?

experimental studies. the best is randomized control


Lauren's study was intended to be an experimental, what was wrong with it?

she told the participants what she was observing, they were not randomly chosen, they were apart of her class, not in the same settings, she knew the participants


What are the types of studies/experiments?

descriptive, meta-analysis, observational, quasi, cross-sectional, longitudinal, epidemiologic and experimental


What is a descriptive study?

conducted in a field, includes case studies, surveys/interviews, and observation

in-depth information, can lead to new hypothesis


What are the two types of epidemiologic studies?

retrospective and prospective


What are the two types of groups in experimental studies?

control group and experimental group


What is facebook depression?

feeling unaccepted by others in result of spending a lot of time on social media. cyber bullying, seeing other people and their friends and feeling left out


Why would the internet give you an addict's brain?

easily accessible, constantly updating, lets you escape your life and focus on others. positive reinforcement = "likes" on posts


Why might memory problems be more likely with internet usage?

causes information overload, makes it hard to file information away properly and pay attention


What is one advantage of internet use?

keeps our brain sharp and exercises the brain


What is an endogenous infection?

an infection that is present in the body but there are no symptoms that you can see. being a "carrier" typhoid mary


What are the 4 categories of coping skills?

knowledge, inner resources, social support, and spirituality


What is knowledge?

knowing how the world works is important with coping. it is important to understand the situation in order to deal with it


What are inner resources?

set of beliefs, assumptions, and predictions that a person has. knowing who they are and what they stand for


What is social support?

having other people to support you helps suppress your stress and knowing you're not alone helps with coping


What is spirituality?

spirituality is often used as an explanation of the world's working and gives hope for the future


What evidence is there that the will to live plays a role in our time of death?

Studies were conducted to estimate death rates before, after, and during certain periods of life that were important to certain age groups (before passover, death rate of jewish men around passovers showed a 24% decrease and a 24% increase after passover). Similar concept with Chinese harvest moon festival, death rates increased after event was over


What is the best way to deal with variables that effect the experiments that are uncontrollable?

try to make questionnaries straight-forward as possible, keep the subjects randomized and conduct the study in a un-bias mannor


What is validity?

the extent to which a test measures what it is claiming to measure


What is reliability?

the consistency of a measure


What is correlation?

the relationship between two variables