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What is the “eyes on the prize” strategy?

if you keep your eye on the prize you will perceive it as shorter/easier to obtain because you will blur out everything around you and your mind will perceive it as closer


From the video, which group perceived the finish line as the closest? (fit, unfit, motivated, unmotivated)

the people who were most motivated perceived the finish line as the closest


How do pedometers work as a form of motivation?

they are self-monitoring tools. you can set a goal and it will motivate you to be more active to achieve that step goal


What is the connection between gratefulness and happiness?

gratefulness makes you happy, not the other way around


What does David Steindl-Rast mean by “Stop, Look, Go”?

we need to stop and take a second to feel gratitude before we move on. if we stop and one our eyes to enjoy what is given to us, we can do more meaningful things with it


What is meant by the “opportunity to experience” gratitude?

it is something you have to work for. it is not something that is just given to you.


Define antibiotic resistance

the ability of microbes to create a barrier or antibiotics


List two consequences of antibiotic resistance

infant mortality rate is increasing, surgeries would be way riskier and basically impossible without antibiotics to prevent infection


Why do physicians prescribe antibiotics “illogically”?

people are persistent about their symptoms/condition, patients expect meds when they go to the doctor, under-education


Why does Heribert Watzke suggest that we should be called coctivores instead of

because we cook our food


What is the gut-brain axis?

the relationship between the GI tract and brain function + development


How do high-fat diets affect our brains?

more depressive symptoms and overall worse feelings


What is mindfulness?

taking a second to not think about anything but the present moment


How does mindfulness help reduce anxiety?

lessens speed and volume of thoughts, overall calms you down and lowers anxiety


What were three changes in the students with anxiety after mindfulness training?

decreased amounts 3 kinds of anxiety: test, social, and emotional anxiety.
increased positive peer interaction


What is an optimism bias?

the idea that we overestimate the likelihood of good events happening in our life and underestimate the likelihood of bad events happening in our life


Name two ways optimism affects general health.

sense of control is often paired with healthy life interventions and improves life satisfaction and physical well-being


What role does optimism have in someone with advanced cancer?

It is significantly associated with fewer depressive symptoms, less hopelessness, and a better quality of life


What are character strengths?

morally valued styles of thinking feeling, and acting that contribute and define an individual's essence


Your signature strengths are your top five strengths. What is most important to know about them?

they are the most dominant in your life, and expressing those strengths will make you happier


The Sample Report contains a brief discussion of Virtue categories. What are they and why are they important?

wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence.

they are necessary for the survival of the series. in other words, we all need these things to some degree.


What is the definition of Positive Psychology (Ppt slide 11)

"the study of optimal human functioning and the healthy interplay between people an their environments"


What are four possible outcomes for an individual following experiencing an

1. a continued downward slide
2. survival with diminished capacity
3. gradual return to level of function before the challenging event
4. an emergence fo a quality that makes the person better than beforehand


What is thriving?

paradox. the idea that good can come out of a bad life event.


What are positive illusions and how do they affect health?

positive illusion is a positive mental state, can even be unrealistic. it positively impacts mental health


What is self-enhancement and how is related to health?

self enhancement recall positive over negative information about their personalities and behaviors


What are the two attributes that appear to contribute the most to psychological thriving?

helps feel good about oneself, also linked to the ability to develop and sustain relationships


Describe the Three Blessings (or Good Things) Exercise [don’t forget there are two parts to this]

asks you to focus your attention at the end of the day on three things that went well and why they went well


How did the 3 blessings exercise compare with drugs or psychotherapy in reducing depression?

3 blessings exercise is similar to cognitive therapy, it works with changing mind-set and working with emotions. antidepressant drugs reduce depression by altering the brain chemistry pharmacologically in reducing depression, however, the re-thinking can also naturally alter brain chemistry to aid in reducing depression


What is meant by psychological bodybuilding?

athletes strengthen muscles by first breaking them down, allowing recovery, then repeating and then building bigger muscles. this can happen psychologically as well