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What is Metacognition?

awareness of thinking and the self-regulatory process behavior that accompanies awareness. (Knowing what you know, when you know, and what you need to know).


What does metacognition depend on?

Person (age and mental state), task (new or old information), and strategy (ways to encode, store and retrieve)


Does direct instruction encourage metacognitive growth?

No, especially in larger classes, when there is less dialogical instruction, students don't encode information as successfully, and students don't necessarily put things into practice in a way that encourages understanding.


How do you help students self regulate?

Teaching not only what tools are but how to use them (example: a planner).


What is reciprocal teaching?

Positively analyzed through any theoretical lens. It is a type of cooperative learning where responsibilities are passed to students through an organized process. Steps are: Predicting, Question Generating, Summarizing, and Clarifying.


What's the difference between development, maturation, and learning?

learning is through experience, maturation is natural/autopilot, development is a combo of these elements-physical, cognitive, social, and emotional