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3 stages for motor

~motor control
~motor learning
~motor development


Motor Control

~The ability to regulate the mechanisms of movement
~The ability to maintain and change posture and movement
~Is the results of neurological and mechanical processes


Motor Learning

~The process that bring about the change in motor performance as a result of practice and experience
~Control will become learning


Motor Development

~Learning will become development
~Athletes have developed things
~Walking, rolling over, sit to stand, etc have been learned to develop over our years
**If a person has a stroke, that person has to relearn it (start over)
**Have to relearn the motor side again even though they know what it is like to do these tasks


How long does motor control last?



How long will it take to get motor learning?

hours, days, weeks depending on what you are learning


How long to get to motor development?

Takes months, years, decades


What are the 3 major categories of movement?

*Bringman liked this


What are the 3 subcategories of Individual?



Details on action of individual

~The specific task that you do; how the individual actually moves
~How do we do this task; what muscle do we use


Detail on perception of individual

~The sensory input the person is receiving while doing the movement
~How much input do we use- how much force for writing; etc


Details on cognition of individual

~Why are they doing it; reasoning behind the task
~How much attention are they giving to the task
~Emotions/ motivations- why are they doing the task (walking their child down the aisle)


What are the 3 subcategories of Task?



Details on mobility of task

is the person mobile enough to do this task (ROM)


Details on stability of task

are you stable enough to do the task


Details on manipulation of task

~As other demands are applied to the task, is the person able to adjust to the task
~The ability to react and maintain


What are the 4 subcategories of Environment?



details on regulatory of environment

~Your task must conform to the env
~Walking a flat surface- staying on that surface (or staying in bounds at a basketball game)


details on non-regulatory of environment

~When there are outside forces that can cause a distraction
~All the distractions (fans distracting during a free throw; a person talking to you while walk)


details on predictable of environment

the env is always constant


details on non-predictable of environment

the env is not always constant


what are the 3 theories that were talked about?

~top down


Details on reflex theory

~Complex movements can be explained by series ind reflex that causes movements
~Can be explained by stimuli
~Doesn’t give you top down control- just reflexive movements
~Doesn’t explain new movements
~If every time we touch something hot, we would jump back-reflex (But we can override a reflex)


Details on top down theory

~Another name is Hierarchical
~We have primitive reflexes and then we incorporate them
~We give all actions to the brain
~This would mean everything would have to go to the brain
~However, we still have reflexes that just enter the spine and cause an immediate response (When you step on a pin, just in the spine)


Details on Systems theory

~We can put all our systems work together to cause the movement
~Don’t worry about these theories too much


Which theory was feedback introduced in?

system theory


Details about feedback

~Allows the ind to know if previous attempts have been successful and to adapt accordingly
~Can have internal feedback to know how you are doing while you are doing the task


What are the two loops in feedback?



Open feedback loops

~Not a real loop
~Have to wait until the movement is completed
~Playing golf- don’t know how you did until after the swing was over; throwing a ball


Closed feedback loops

~It’s a constant feedback (circular loop)
~As you are playing a game, you are constantly getting feedback on how you are doing and able to adjust how you are playing
~In a controlled manner, we get the feedback in, get more information in, adjust, etc