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Patient has an order for the varicella vaccine. It is most important for the nurse to assess the patient for what?

One who has a use of high dose systemic steroids in the past month should not receive which vaccine?


A patient with AIDS was cut by rusty piece of metal or walking outside. He recalls that his last tetanus booster was over 20 years ago. Which immunization therapy will he receive at this time?

Why would someone receive tetanus immunoglobulin?


Breast-fed newborn is provided immunity by which immunoglobulins?

How does one receive IgG and IgA?


Which immunoglobulin crosses the placenta?

What is IgG?


Which immunoglobulin is passed through colostrum?

What is IgA?


Student nurse asks an instructor where to find accurate information regarding immunizations. What would the instructor recommend?

What information would the CDC website carry?


A pt. Is exposed to an organism that causes disease. Prescriber prescribes and immunoglobulin to prevent this illness. This is an example of what?

What is an example of passive immunity?


A patient asks you how to be protected against a particular disease. Explain acquired active immunity to the patient how?

A patient develops disease, or a live attenuated vaccine is given, or a vaccine is given produced for killed organisms.


What is a vaccine?

What is a suspension of bacteria or viruses that are non-pathogenic?


If a patient has an allergy to Baker’s yeast, what vaccine should they not receive?

What allergy is contradicted in the Hep B vaccine?


If a patient has an allergy to gelatin or neomycin, what vaccines should they not receive?

What allergies are contraindicated to the Varacella zoster an MMR vaccine?


What is pathogenicity?

What is the ability for an organism to cause infection?


What is verulence

What is the ability of an organism to produce disease when present in numbers?


What type of immunization occurs during breastfeeding?

What is how natural passive immunization occurs?


Active immunizations are contraindicated in which patients?

What types of vaccines are not recommended for Pt.s with febrile illness >103, immunosuppressed, pt.s receiving cancer chemotherapy?


Drugs that are designed to inhibit or slow down the growth of microbes that do not necessarily kill them are called what?

What are bacteriostatic drugs?


Which are considered sterile? Urine, pharynx, distal urethra, vagina, Salina, spinal fluid

Spinal fluid and urine are considered what?


What are characteristics of resident microflora?

Different microorganism species inhabit various areas of the body. This is called what?


How do antiviral drugs act?

Reducing the rate of viral replication is done in what?


What method do viruses used to replicate?

Using a host cell to produce in assemble components is how what class of microorganisms replicate?


Bacterial endospore can survive what?

What specific type of bacteria can survive high temperatures and a dry environment?


Nosocomial infections mean what?

What type of infection is acquired in a hospital or medical facility?


What are the two hallmark structures for viruses?

A protein coat and either DNA or RNA are present in what type of microbe?


Why do we use multiple medications to treat HIV?

Reduces risk for opportunistic infections, more affective against resistant strains, reduce viral load.


What is important to know about antifungal medications?

- C&S should be obtained prior to starting therapy
- take meds as prescribed
- monitor renal and hepatic function


Organisms ability to invade or overcome body defenses is called what?

What is pathogenicity?