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Foundation on which a body rests or stands; when people stand, their feet and the space between that define the base of support.

Base of support


a branch of science that applies the laws of physics to living creatures; a component of physics, the laws of Newtonian mechanics, applied to living bodies at rest and in motion



hypothetical point around which all mass appears to be concentrated

Center of Gravity


muscles that are found in the four extremities and that are designed for movement

Mobility muscles


what are 3 examples are Mobility muscles ?

1. Biceps formoris
2. Biceps brachii
3. gastrocnemius


muscles that support the torso and are designed to provide postural stability

Stability muscles


what are 3 examples of Stability muscles?

1. latissimus dorsi
2. abdominal group
3. erector spinae


what are 4 types of wheelchair transfers?

Standby assist
assisted standing pivot
two-person lift
hydraulic lift


a sudden drop in blood pressure in the brain when a person stands up quickly from a sitting or supine position, causing the oxygen in the brain to drop and the person to become dizzy and prone to falling.

Orthostatic Hypotension


If a patient has the ability to transfer from a wheelchair to a table on their own what type transfer is this?

Standby Assist Transfer


if a patient cannot transfer themselves independently but can bear weight on their legs what type of transfer technique should be used ?

Assisted Standing Pivot Transfer


if a patient cannot bear weight on their lower extremities what type of transfer technique should be used?

Two-person lift


if a patient is too heavy and unable to transfer themselves what type of transfer should be used?

Hydraulic lift techniques