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Pt. With bone cancer tells the nurse that he is in pain. The nurse knows that bone cancer is classified as which type of pain?

What disease causes somatic pain?


Where does somatic pain originate?

Skeletal muscles, ligaments, joints are affected in what type of pain?


How does referred pain occur?

What is caused when visceral nerve fibers synapse at a level in the spinal cord close to fibers supplying specific subcutaneous tissues in the body?


Where does visceral pain originated?

What time of pain is from the organs and smooth muscle?


What results from neuropathic pain?

What type of pain is a result of damage to peripheral or CNA nerve fibers, injury, or can be idiopathic?


Pt. Recovering from surgery is prescribed a PCA. Which vital sign is of greatest concern?

Respirations are of concern when what type of medication is prescribed?


Pt. With metastasized bone cancer has been on transdermal fentanyl patches for pain. He is being hospitalized for tests and told the nurse that his pain is “unbearable”. The nurse is reluctant to give him the ordered pain meds because the nurse does not want the pt. To become addicted. What do the nurses actions reflect?

What would be an example of a nurse who’s actions reflect failure to manage pain?


Cancer pt., dull ache in abd for past 4 mths, increased pain, no relief with more analgesia is what type of pain?

Give an example of chronic pain


18 yo basketball player fell and twisted his ankle during a game. Nurse will expect to administer which type of pain med?

Nonopiod analgesic, such as an NSAID, can be used for what?


What is the most important assessment data to consider before the nurse administers a dose of morphine sulfate to a patient?

Respiratory rate is important to assess before and ministering what?


For a surgical pt. With decreased respirations and lethargic after receiving morphine sulfate. You prepare for what priority action?

Administering naloxone


Pt. Discharged with 7 day supply of opioid pain management, what is important to include on education for the client?

How to prevent constipation should be in educational factor when teaching a client who is receiving what type of medication?


Pt. Tx for lung cancer for 3 y, over the past few months pt. Has noticed that the opioid analgesic is not helping as much for pain relief. The nurse is aware that this pt. Is experiencing what?

Give an example of opioid tolerance


Nurse is aware that most serious toxic effect of acute acetaminophen OD is what condition?

Hepatic necrosis is a toxic effect of what OD?


Pt. Is recovering from a lengthy surgery. Signs of malignant hypothermia include what?

Rising body temperature, tachypnea, tachycardia, and muscle rigidity are all signs of what?


Breakthrough main is managed how?

Giving immediate release opioid is used to treat what?


What is a common use for Feverfew?

What’s an herb that’s treats migraine headaches?


If a client is on anticonvulsants but has no history of seizures what you expect them to have?

Peripheral neuropathy pain may be treated with what type of medication?


What is a common contraindication to providing acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Liver disease is a common contraindication for receiving what type of NSAID?


Name three common side effects of Vicodin

Constipation, lightheadedness, urinary retention


What kind of procedures are local and aesthetics used for?

Dental procedures, suturing a skin lesion, diagnostic procedures


What is an advantage to balanced Anastasia?

Reduction of drugs to maintain desired state of Anastasia


What are three possible complications of spinal anesthesia?

Headache, hypertension, and respiratory distress or all complications of what type of anesthesia?


When teaching a parent on risk factors of otitis media what should you discuss?

Contact with siblings, daycare attendance, season of the year


Prevention measures should you include when instructing a client on how to avoid of Titus media?

The use of ear canal drying agents after swimming or bathing (astringent drops) Are used to prevent what?


Why are cholinergics also known as parasympathetics useful in glaucoma?

Increase miosis is useful for treating what?


What’s a sign of dislocation of a joint?

Deformity of a joint can signify what?


Define crepitus

What is grating sound or sensation produced by friction between bone and Cartlidge?


What are predisposes it’s to osteoporosis?

Sedentary lifestyle, long-term glucocorticoids, calcium deficit are predispositions to what disease


Osteoporosis is what kind of disorder?

Give an example of a secondary disorder?



Bone resorption is greater than bone reformation, causes compression fractures of the vertebrae, often leads to kyphosis and loss of height


What is likely immediate result of fatty emboli from a broken femur?

Pulmonary inflammation and obstruction maybe an immediate result of what?


Main characteristic of osteoarthritis?

Degeneration of articulating Cartlidge occurs in the large joints Is a characteristic of what disease?


What is a typical characteristic of the pain caused by osteoarthritis?

Increased with weight-bearing activity is a characteristic of pain in what condition?


What limits joint movement in osteoarthritis?

the osteophytes and irregular cartilage surface cause what in osteoarthritis?


Joints affected by osteoarthritis can sometimes affect healthy joints by what?

They affected individual’s exerting stress on the normal joint to protect the damage one


What is the typical joint involvement with rheumatoid arthritis?

Bilateral small joints, symmetrical progression to other joints is found in what disease condition?


What is the basic pathology of rheumatoid arthritis?

Systemic inflammatory disorder due to an an increase autoimmune reaction is the pathology of what condition?


How does the joint appear during an exacerbation of RA?

Joints that are red, warm, swollen, tender to the touch are all signs of what?


Systemic effects of RA are manifested as what?

Nodules in nervous tissue, severe fatigue, and anorexia or systemic affects of what disease?


Common affect of long-term use of glucocorticoids to tx RA would be...?

Osteoporosis can be caused by a long term use of what drug?


Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) differs from adult RA how?

Rheumatoid factor is not present in JRA, but systemic effects or more severe


What distinguishes septic arthritis?

Purulent synovial fluid present in a single, swollen joint is a distinguished sign of what?


Methods for tx for routine infectious conjunctivitis include?

Broad-spectrum anabiotic‘s, cold compresses, temporary situation to contact use, topical anabiotic’s are all treatment measures for what eye condition?