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The mantle is composed of a dense rock rich in iron and magnesium, but relatively low in silica content is_______.



Earth's lithosphere consist of _____, and ________

Crust and solid upper mantle


Which of the following are all major lithospheric plates?

South American, Antarctic, Pacific, Auntralian-Indian, and African.


Mantle rocks near Earth's surface change from a plastic to a molten liquid (magma) state because of

Decompression melting as pressure decreases


______ is a small area which may preserve one or a few unique resources (e.g Civil War Battlefield)

National Monument


________ an area of undeveloped Federal Land retaining in primeval character and influence without permanent improvements or human habitation

National Wilderness


_____ is an area having great scenic and scientific importance, but in which Congress has permitted continued hunting, trapping, oil/gas exploration and extraction

National Preserve


_______ was the first U.S national park, established in 1872 by an act of Congress.

Yellowstone National Park


______ is an area, set aside by an act of Congress, having great scenic and scientific importance, without boundaries that provide for enough land and water to protect the resources.

National Parks


According to _______, lithospheric plates are in motion, driven by convective movement of mantle rocks.

Plate Tectonic Theory