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Examples of how to lower turnover

Turnover lowered with employee training

Individual and group incentives reduce turnover

Salaries paid primarily in commissions and bonuses lead to higher turnover

Employee Empowerment reduces turnover

High levels of communication lower turnover


Examples of Causes for Turnover

Quality of Supervision

Ineffective Communication

Working Conditions

Quality of Co-Workers

Inappropriate fit with company culture

Low pay and few benefits


Examples of Long Term Remedies for Turnover

Develop Socialization programs

Develop training programs in additional languages

Establish Career Paths
Implement partner/profit-sharing programs


Major Causes of Disciplinary Problem

Employee did not know what to do

Employee did not know how to do it

Unrealistic Expectations were set

Poor employee-job fit

Lack of motivation


3 types of approaches to discipline

Hot Stove Approach
Progressive Discipline
Preventive Discipline


Definitions of types of appeals to discipline

Hierarchical – next manger up

Open-Door – any manger

Peer-Review – group of employees and managers

Ombudsman – mediator with no judgment ability


You should always have a witness when terminating an employee

Have Witness in office when Employee Arrives for Shift

Call employee in office immediately

Inform of termination, reasons why, and explain next steps

Interoffice Forms to Human Resources

Find a replacement


Understand how the different performance appraisals work (e.g. MBO, BARS, etc)

MBO – Employee and supervisor set objectives at the beginning of a time period. Then they are evaluated based on accomplishment of objectives

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) – Measures performance against an objective . Specific behavior


Who conducts an appraisal? Roles of HR and Operations

Usually the supervisor is the only one who evaluates the hourly employee.


how to avoid problems with appraisals

it must be specific, job related, set standards, and use dependable measures.


Hot stove approach

Touch a hot stove you
will get burned

Break a rule, you will
be disciplined


Employment at Will

Manager can terminate an employee at any time for any reason