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- establishing and maintaining exhibit management systems

- maintaining the physical security and continuity of all exhibits

- prepare and produce exhibits in court


In smaller investigations the OC Exhibits (in conjunction with the OC Investigation) may also conduct an appreciation and facilitate a thorough interrogation of every exhibit,

to establish the:

• evidential value of each exhibit
• investigative opportunities presented by each exhibit
• further enquiries that are needed


Safe storage of exhibits

In the first instance the OC Exhibits should only accept an exhibit if:

- Packaged, labelled and sealed correctly in accordance with SOP

- Preserved correctly

- Labelled with exhibit number and name of operation

- Unique exhibit number assigned from the allocated range

- Recorded correctly on scene exhibits schedule


Examination of exhibits

Of note only

The OC Exhibits must ensure that all exhibits are fully examined, in accordance with Forensic Strategy meeting decisions.

The OC Exhibits maintains an awareness of the significance of each exhibit and what examinations may be available.

The OC Exhibits will determine, plan and record the examination and interrogation of every exhibit and establish its relevance to the investigation.


Forensic Strategy Meetings

Forensic Strategy meetings are held to determine which exhibit or other forensic examinations are required and the priority of those examinations.

Topics covered during a Forensic Strategy meeting may include:

• What examinations ESR and others could conduct on exhibits.
• The priority each examination should receive.

• Whether any further work is needed to assist a reconstruction.
• A plan for any work to be completed that is required to assist the reconstruction.
• An agreed reconstruction of the events relevant to the crime under investigation.

Of note

Developing a strategy for examination of exhibits allows the OC () Exhibits to prioritise tasks in line with the direction of the investigation.

The strategy must be approved by the OC Investigation and continually reviewed throughout the investigation to keep abreast of any developments.


Preparing for trial

Of note only

Before the commencement of the trial, the OC Investigation (in conjunction with the OC Exhibits and other relevant investigation team members) must decide which exhibits are considered relevant, determine the significance of any forensic examinations and establish the most appropriate manner in which exhibits and examination results are to be presented at trial.


Producing exhibits in Court

The OC Exhibits is responsible for preparing the exhibits for production at Court.

This must be conducted in a manner which:

• clearly demonstrates the evidential value of the exhibits, eg. by mounting clothes on a mannequin or board

• avoids any risk of physical injury, disease, accident, contamination or damage.


Chain of Custody

While an exhibit was under their control, each person with custody of the exhibit must be able to demonstrate:

• when they received custody of the exhibit and from whom

Taken to store
• when, why and how the exhibit was moved from one place to another

Placed in store
• where and how the exhibit was securely stored

• how the exhibit has been treated, safeguarded and preserved

Sent for exam
• when and why they transferred custody of an exhibit to another person, and to whom.


Exhibit numbering

The exhibit numbering system should be simple, efficient and provide the following key attributes:

Of note only

• be consistent
• allow delegation of exhibit numbers to staff who will utilise them
• cope with multiple scenes
• be compatible with technology, allowing searching to be conducted using exhibit numbers
• encompass all exhibits, e.g. Medical Examination Kits (MEKs), documents, reference blood samples and photographs sent to ESR


Exhibit numbering

Exhibit number ranges

Admin - 10000
Victim - 15000
Witnesses - 20000
Area Canvass - 25000
Scenes - 30000
Suspects - 70000