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Role of the Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

- The day-to-day management of the partnership between the family of the deceased and the Police investigation.
- Must also offer, facilitate and co-ordinate support that addresses the needs of the family.

Of note

- The primary function of an FLO is that of an investigator and not a support person.


Family Liaison Plan

The plan should be recorded and consider:

• selection of the FLO and criteria employed for the selection
• exit plan for the FLO
• objectives of the family liaison

• information to be released to and withheld from, the family
• assessing the most appropriate methods of conducting interviews with family members

• Victim support liaison
• Requests/complaints made by family


The term 'family' includes:

• partners, parents, siblings, children, guardians, whänau and any others who have had a direct and close relationship with the victim
• includes 'chosen' family
• should reflect the victim's culture and lifestyle.


Suspect within the family

The OC Investigation must review the plan regularly, which should consider:

• FLO's welfare and safety
• FLO needs to be clear in their interactions with the family
• FLO not to be used in any search or arrest of a family member
• Investigative or evidential impact of deployment


Cultural liaison

Of note only

The FLO should identify the cultural origins of the victim's family and ensure they are familiar with relevant cultural beliefs and protocols, to enhance relations with the family and to contribute to the victim profile.


Action on appointment

Of note only

On appointment, the FLO and OC () Investigation should discuss the plan for working with the family. It is essential the FLO establishes the parameters of their role and is clear about the objectives they are being tasked to achieve.

As an investigator, the FLO will normally be responsible for profiling the victim, preparing a family tree and gathering all relevant information from the family. This may include, in conjunction with the OC Body, taking statements to identify the victim.


Before meeting the family, which should occur as soon as possible, the FLO must:

Familiarise themselves with
• the enquiry
• all information established concerning the family
• available information and intelligence which could impact on the liaison role

Establish what
• contact the family has had with Police since the incident/death
• information has been given to the family
• information concerning the incident is already in the public domain


Victim impact statements

Of note only

The statement must be available for sentencing and should be no older than 28 days at the time of sentencing.

Homicide trained Victim Support volunteers are trained to assist Police by taking Victim Impact Statements from surviving family members.


Financial support

Of note only

Through Victim Support, the Government provides financial assistance on behalf of the Crown Solicitor for victims of serious crime towards the costs of dealing with the incident and attending court and other criminal justice processes. This includes:

• a discretionary grant of up to $1500 for families of homicide victims
• free counselling for families of murder and manslaughter victims. Initially six hours are approved with the option to increase to 15 hours. Counselling up to a maximum of 30 hours may be approved if required.


Disclosure of information to the family

Throughout investigation, the family should be notified of:

• S11 - Programmes, remedies, or services available through Police to the family as victims in their own right
• S12 - Progress of the investigation
• Family's role as witnesses in the prosecution of the offence


Disclosure of information to the family

Where an offender is arrested, the FLO (in consultation with the OC () Investigation) must:

- Inform of charges
- Court date and location

- Views on bail
- Views on name suppression

- Inform family about VNR
- If offender is released on bail and on what conditions (if allowed)