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Management of suspects falls into three categories and where appropriate, the OC Investigation will prepare a strategy dealing with each:

• Identification and profiling
• Seeking evidence
• Arrest/termination
• Interviewing


Briefing the Suspects Team

Their initial briefing should encompass:

• the circumstances of the offence including an analysis of the scene and witness evidence available
• the full details of all persons of interest and any suspect, where the identity of suspects are known
• details of any descriptions of the suspect provided by witnesses
• whether any particular MO have been identified


Determine investigation priorities

Of note only

Investigate all suspects thoroughly in order of priority as decided in consultation with the OC Investigation.

Aspects that might influence the setting of priorities are the relative weight of evidence against a person or the likelihood of their leaving the area.

You may also be influenced by a particular urgency in solving the case or the availability of staff. Suspects must be investigated in order of priority.


Provide briefings/debriefings

Of note only

The OC Suspects phase must regularly debrief their team members on the enquiries they have conducted and the results of these enquiries so that they can maintain a constant flow of information at conferences, between the members of the suspects team and other investigation staff.

Priority information must be brought to the attention of the OC Investigation as necessary.


Medical examination

The OC Suspects will arrange, in consultation with the OC Investigation, for a Police doctor to examine the suspect. The doctor must:

- Note injuries
- Take samples using MEK
- Swab for firearms residue
- Provide professional opinion on the condition of the suspect