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Points for 2/3 Block

II-19, Listening Palace and III-1, Eyes Bright


Points for 4/5 Block

IV-22, Walking On the Verandah and VI-1, Heavenly Pond for Men or VI-2 Heavenly Spring for Women


Points for 6/7 Block

VI-22, Harmony Bone and VII-1, Orbit Bone


Points for 8/9 Block

VIII-14, Gate of Hope and IX-1, Middle Palace


Points for 10/11 Block

X-20, Welcome Fragrance and XI-1, Receive Tears


Points for 12/1 Block

XII-21, Great Enveloping and I-1, Utmost Source


I-1, Utmost Source

Entry Point for Heart Meridian

In the axilla, upon the axillary artery. To expose point, which located in a small hollow, semiabudct the arm and palpate the artery. Follow the line of the eduge of the medial border of the biceps up into the axilla.

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II-19, Listening Palace 

Exit Point for Small Intestine

Anterior to the tragus of the ear, in the depression formed (mandibular fossa) when the mouht is open, posterior to the articular tubercle of the zygomatic process. 


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III-1, Eyes Bright

Entry Point of the Bladder Meridian 

1 fen superior and medial to the medial canthus of they eye, between the two veins. 

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VI-22. Walking on the Verandah

Exit Point for Kidney Meridian

On the thorax, in the 5th intercostal space, 2 ACI lateral to the median line, on level with XIII-16. 

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VI-1, Heavenly Pond

Entry point for men

1 ACI lateral to the centre of the nipple 

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VI-22, Harmony Bone

Exit Point for Triple Heater

Anterior to the ear, on the hair line, on a level with the superior border of the root of the pinna. 

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VII-1, Orbit Bone

Entry Point for Gall Bladder Meridan 

In the depression just lateral to the orbital rim, at the level of the lateral canthus. 

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VIII-14, Gate of Hope

Exit Point for the Liver.

On the interior edge of the thoracic cage, on the paramedian nipple line (4 ACI).  The point lies at the level half-way between XIII-11 and XIII-12.  

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IX-1, Middle Palace

Entry Point for Lung Meridian

On the chest, on a level with the space between the first and second ribs, 1.6 ACI inferior and very slightly lateral to IX-2. 

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X-20, Welcome Fragrance

Exit Point for Colon Meridian

On the face, at the inferior edge of the alum, 1 fen lateral to the alum. 

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XI-1, Receive Tears

Entry Point for the Stomach Meridian

On the cheek, immediately superior to the infra-orbital foramen, on the inferior border of the orbit, in line with the centre of the pupil with they eye looking straight ahead. 

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XII-21, Great Enveloping

Exit point for Spleen Meridian

Master Junction Pt

On the Thorax, in the sixth intercostal space, on the mid-axillary line. 

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