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Define physical evidence.

This means the tangible aspects of the shop itself (or website for an online retailer) which customers experience, including: store layout, lighting, temperature, smell, colour schemes, music/tannoy announcements, clear and correct signs, etc.


What are the 'physical evidence' elements of the marketing mix?

Physical Environment: this can be the physical building as well as image of employees. Any area of the business that customers see should provide confidence that the service will match up to the same standard. For e.g. Could widen aisles in ship therefore customers may sound longer browsing so organisation get higher sales

Business image: Settings should convey the type of ambiance to match the product or service on offer; this ensures that customers feel that their needs are recognised even before they purchase a good or service, e.g. A business offering medical services would have a crisp clean ambience that demonstrated hygiene, whereas a business offering entertainment should have a relaxed ambiance with music playing and bright cheerful colours.

Customer service: There should be evidence Of customer satisfaction for eg testimonials, feedback forms, photographs, etc.

Employees: they should portray the overall image of the business e.g. Through uniform.

Company Details:company mission statements, vision and values should be clearly displayed. Details of awards or quality improvement should be visible to customers to give them confidence.