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Define process.

This means the producers in the business throughout the transaction including the order of events, the role off staff, the use of technology.


How does the process affect the marketing mix?

The ease of use of technology- in store, websites, text message updates, etc.
Waiting times.
Other businesses involved e.g. For deliveries.


What are the process' elements of the marketing mix?

Ensure that outlets and call centres are well staffed; this avoids customers having to queue for too long, which can put them off returning.

Offer 'live chat' or 'FAQ' services on the business' website; this reduces the number of customers making queries either on the phone or in person.

Empower customer-facing staff to making decisions: this avoids further waiting as problems or queries do not need to be passed onto management.

Regularly assess processes such as queues or ordering times;this helps the business understand where problems lie and allows them to be addresses.

Introduce the latest technologies to improve processes; technology is generally faster than humans and will speed up processes, e.g. Self-checkouts in supermarkets.