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What is closely related to KD essence and Qi?
any deficiency will cause brain disorders of?

Brain controls mental activities and the physiological fx of the upper orifices (sensory). Disruption can result in changes in or loss of certain fx.
the Sea of Marrow of Brain
developmental issue
mental retardation
dysfunction in visual and auditory ability
impaired body movt
slow response


Brain is nourished by Qi, Blood, Body fluids, and Essential Qi of food, dysfunction of which Zang organs can affect Brain function?



What does "Marrow resides in the Bones" mean?

bones form the skeletal support for the body and store Marrow


Where does marrow originate from and fills what?

originates from Kidney Jing and fills and nourishes BONES


how do bone and marrow disorders manifest? what are some causes?

-delayed development of the body
-weak and fragile bones

-congenital deficiency (weak pre-heaven)
-malnutrition (poor post-heaven)
-consumption of yin by persistent pathological heat
-deficiency and cold of the lower burner
-insufficient Jing or Blood


the Vessels serve as ______-?

"residence of the blood" and passageways for qi and blood


the Disruption of Vessels can cause?

disturbance in blood flow
qi and blood stagnation/stasis


what are the functions of Uterus (baogong / zi gong)?

many functions related to regulating menses
- closely related to qi and blood (and penetrating/chong and conception/ren vessels)
- pregnancy and childbirth


what are some causes of the Dysfunction of Uterus?

disharmony of Qi and Blood
- disorders of heart, liver, spleen, and Kidney
- abnormal emotion activity, overstrain, over indulgence in sexual activity

--pensiveness and worry consume Heart Blood and injure the Spleen*
--anger damages Liver and interferes with qi flow
--over indulgence in sexual activity weakens kidney jing
--excessive births can weaken Chong and Ren


all previous causes of uterine dysfunction may lead to?

menstrual irregularities
difficulties in pregnancy (or falling pregnant)
postpartum complications


Chong and Ren are closely related to which Zang organ?

Liver and Kidney
- liver and kidney problems may lead to insufficiencies in Chong and Ren
- Chong is also connected to Yang Ming which is replete with qi and blood. Insufficiency of these vital substances in Yang Ming may leaf to insufficiency in Chong and possibily uterine dysfunction


what are the signs and symptoms of Uterus?

-early menstruation, excessive menstruation, prolonged menstruation or uterine bleeding
--failure of LV to store blood
--failure of SP qi to manage blood
-vomiting blood, nose bleed, irregular mensturation
-- blood surging upward due to hyperactive qi and fire


what are signs and symptoms of Uterus?

-delayed menstruation, scanty menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal lumps
--vacuity and/or stagnation of qi and blood
--yang qi vacuity

uterine function / dysfunction is a compendium of physiological function of the whole body


what is the Taoist concept of yang shen?

-Dao yin exercises combined physical movt and breathing technqiues


who is Tao Hong Jing?

(451-536) eminent Taoist writes "Nourishing Life and Prolong LIfe", the first book in the cannon of Chinese medicine devoted to nourishing and prolong life


what is the main concepts of "Nourishing Life in Chinese Medicine"?

-Live in harmony with seasonal changes
"Among all things between the heaven and earth, nothing is more precious than man. People are dependent on the nourishment and fortification of heaven and earth, water and food, and the essence of the universe to grow and prosper, according to the laws and changes of the seasons."
Huangdi Nei Jin, Su Wen, Ch 25
"The Preservation of Health"
-Keep the body strong
--preserve pre-heaven essence, essential qi
--strengthen post-heaven constitution
- proper diet, balanced rest and activity
- balanced sexual activity, living environment, etc

-ward of evil to prevent disease
--preserve and strengthen Right Qi thereby increasing resistance
--prevent invasion of xie qi
-delay aging by taking care of oneself
--of course we will age but protect against premature aging
-maintain a balance b/t nourishing the formal body and the spirit


How do you nourish life through the essence-spirit?

-by calming and tranquilizing the mind
- be free from selfishness and improper desires
- controlling sight and sound
-harmonizing the emotions
-cultivating personality and diverting emotions
- "personality" - reading, studying, calligraphy, poetry, music, friendship, having tea, communing with nature
-divert emotions
- self comfort - step back from emotional situations
- will power - use it to control anger
- express - properly expressed emotions can lead to health
- divert - consciously divert attention to other endeavors
- transform - make lemonade

-Be happy and cheerful
-regulate essence by following the seasons
- spring - yang is ascending. follow nature, relax, look to the growing nature and be among others, don't "sit alone and develop depression."
- summer - yang qi is abundant and flourishing. stay active to prevent pores from closing and qi from stagnating. one should avoid anger
- autumn - things look quiet. yang is declining, it is growing. things begin to look desolate. one should keep calm so the spirit is preserved.
- winter - yang qi is hiding, yin qi becomes excessive. it is cold and everything is hidden. refrain from overusing yang qi, desires and mental activity should be quiet and subdued.


what are the tastes and corresponding zangs?

sweet - tonifying enters spleen
sour - astringent, enters livers
salty - enters kidney
bitter - enters the heart
pungent - enters lung


what are the 5 grains and their taste?

rice - sweet
sesame - sour
soybeans - salty
wheat - bitter
millet - pungent


what does light and heavy foods mean?

light food reers to fruits and veggies, heave food is animal protein


what are the 5 veggies and tastes?

cluster mallow (sweet)
chives (sour)
leaves of pulse plant (salty)
macrostem onion (bitter)
scallion (pungent)


what are the 5 fruits and taste?

dates (sweet)
plum (sour)
chestnut (salty)
apricot (bitter)
peach (pungent)


what are the five meats and tastes?

beef (sweet)
dog (sour)
pork (salty)
mutton (bitter)
chicken (pungent)


chong is sea of?

ren is sea of?

Chong is Sea of Blood
Ren is Sea of Yin