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What are 3 things to consider about wounds in facial plastic surgery?

1. reapproximation of remaining tissue
2. careful handling of soft tissue
3. Skin edges are EVERTED


What are the best sutures for the face? When should they be removed?

5-0 and 6-0 resorbable or permanent (e.g. mylon or polypropylene)
3-5 days (7 days for ears)


Immediately after a wound is closed, it fills with ___, which clots. This prevents water from entering the wound.



scars take a minimum of ___ to cosmetically mature

1 year


How do scars change color?

Red (max at 6wks) --> purple --> brown --> white


what is the most common facial fracture?

broken nose


What radioimaging is done for nasal fractures vs mandible/midfacial skeleton fractures?

Nasal: not helpful for dx
Mandible: CT scan


Most common form of facial plastic surgery that an otolaryngologist performs

Septorhinoplasty - deviated septum is straightened, and the outside of the nose may also be changed in form


What is a Rhytidectomy
Where is the incision?

around the ear


What is a blepharoplasty?

When the upper eyelid skin becomes redundant, it can actually obstruct the upper field of vision. When this is the case, the skin can be removed to allow better vision.


Occasionally, the eyebrows lie below the level of the superior orbital rim causing Brow ptosis. How can you fix this?

Brow lift: reduce redundant skin of the eyelids


One of the most popular treatments is the injection of medicines known as neurotoxins to weaken facial muscle contractions and improve the wrinkles (also called ___) caused by them



What is an otoplasty?

Surgical correction of the ears for people that have ears that stand out further than normal from their head. This is usually congenital, and anatomically is due to an unfurled antihelical fold, a deep conchal bowl, or both.