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What is brittle bone disease?

A genetic disease that can be passed on from parents or come from a genetic mutation. Bones develop without the right amount or type of protein called collagen


What is Huntington's disease?

an inherited neurodegenerative genetic disorder that causes progressive damage to certain nerve cells in the brain


What is Klinefelter syndrome?

A condition where boys have an extra X chromosome. have XXY instead of XY


What is Down's syndrome?

A genetic condition that occurs as a result of an extra chromosome. have (21 chromosomes)


How does brittle bone affect development?

Bones dont development correctly, high risk of fracturing or breaking their bones


How does Huntington's disease affect development?

Affects muscle coordination
Mental decline and behavioural changes
Perception, awareness, thinking and judgement affected


How does Klinefelter syndrome affect development?

Poor muscle power
delayed communication
passive personality
difficulty socialising and expressing feelings -impacts emotional development


How does Down's syndrome affect development?

Varying levels of learning disability.
Medical issues.
Higher incidence of depression.
Hearing, visual and heart problems.


What is Phenylketonuria (PKU)?

Rare genetic condition where a child can't break down the amino acid called phenylalanine. Found in milk, meat, eggs.


How does Phenylketonuria affect development?

If undetected child will fail to meet development milestones and experience development delay due to brain damage.


What is colour blindness and what causes it?

rare genetic condition in which someone has no colour perception
is genetic - inherited
can be caused by diseases - diabetes or multiple sclerosis


What are the effects of colour blindness on development?

if not identified it may negatively impact learning of the individual


What is Duchenne muscular dystrophy?

inherited genetic condition that gradually weakens muscles


What are the effects of Duchene muscular dystrophy?

only affects boys - diagnosed by age 5, might use wheelchair by age 12
fine motor skills less affected than gross motor skills as it affects mainly near the trunk of the body


What is cystic fibrosis?

a genetic disease caused by a faulty gene from both parents (recessive)


What are the effects of cystic fibrosis?

defective protein being produced
lungs clog up with thick sticky mucus
problems with absorbing nourishment from food
suffer from respiratory + chest infections


What is cancer?

Cancer is a cell disease that results in them becoming abnormal and dividing to make even more abnormal cells.


What are the effects of cancer?

It causes a mass of tissue called a tumour - cells don't stop dividing.


What are diabetes?

A chronic condition.


What causes cancer?

Most cancers are attributed to environmental and lifestyle factors. eg. lung cancer linked to combustion of tobacco.