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-more foods high in fat and sugar if budget is limited
-consumers may choose own brand which is usually cheaper


foreign travel

-encourages people to be more adventurous in their eating
-increased range of ethnic foods in supermarkets so gives the consumer more choice


online shopping

-they can easily shop at any time of the day or night from comfort of home
-goods are delivered straight to the door
-sometimes delivery charges increase the cost of the goods



-working households may have less time for meal preparation when they come home so most likely to use more ready meals
-lack of practical food skills may lead to more take away or convenience foods being bought


working hours or shift patterns

-families eat at different times and as a result rely more on convenience foods or not sit down together for a meal
-more mothers work so children can prepare food themselves


education/nutritional/practical cooking skills

-lack of knowledge can lead to poor choices being made
-some nutritional labelling may be hard to read or understand


advertising/marketing/promotional influences

-manufacturer can benefit from advertising by increasing sales and therefore making profit
-heighten the awareness of products which consumers may not need and they may be successfully appeal to a particular group of people which can cause distress


likes and dislikes

-if a food looks good and smells good then consumers are more likely to choose it


cultural and religious influence

-rules about what they cant and cannot eat


moral and ethical

-food people choose to eat depends not only on taste preferences but on individual moral and ethical considerations


special dietary needs

-food intolerances/allergies
-diet related diseases