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French Techno Babble

1 1/2 white rum
1/2 Violette
1/2 Vanilla
1/2 Lemon

Shake with ice, double strain into coupe
Garnish cherry and lemon wedge


Good for the Goose

1.5 Pisco
.75 Kiwi
.5 lemon
.25 Green Chartreuse
Egg white

Dry shake, wet shake, dbl strain into coupe
Floral tincture garnish


A Night in Jalisco

1.5 Tequila
.5 Honey
.75 Lime
Blood orange (to top)
Egg white

Dry shake all but soda, wet shake, top with soda, Garnish w/ expressed orange


Pennypacker Punch

2.5 mix
1.5 Prosecco (to top)

Pour Punch premix over crushed in rocks glass, top with prosecco
Garnish skewer berries


Armchair Philosopher

2oz Rye
.5 Aperol
.5 Dolin dry
Dash Peychaud
Ardbeg (as rinse)

Stir over ice in mixing glass, pour into ardbeg rinsed coupe
Garnish lemon twisted


Bitter Buzz

1oz Aperol
.75 Honey
.75 Lemon
.25 gin

Wet shake, crushed in Collins to 1/2 way, pour over, top with prosecco.


Rinse and Repeat

1oz Flor de Cana Rum
1oz Tequila
.75 Lime
.5 clove/dill syrup
.25 Grenadine
1 Dash Ango

Wet shake, pour into tulip glass and top with addtl crushed.
Garnish dill Tiki thing


Jack Of Hearts

1.25 Rye
.75 brandy
.75 Cocchi Americano
Dash Peychaud

Stir, serve up in coupe



2oz gin
3/4 sweet vermouth
1/4 maraschino
1 dash orange bitters

Stir, serve up in coupe, orange twist


Fancy Free

1.75 bourbon
1 oz vanilla
Barspoon sherry
Barspoon Dolin dry
Egg yolk
Pinch salt in shaker and as garnish


Fig Leaf

1.5 white rum
.75 lemon
.75 cocchi Torino
.5 vanilla
Dash bitters

Shake, strain over fresh ice, garnish mint


Her Revenge

2oz vodka
1oz lemon
1oz simple
Absinthe rinse

Wet shake, strain into Collins, fresh ice
Soda to top, lemon cherry garnish


Late for Lunch

1.5 tequila
.75 lime
.5 amaretto
.5 orgeat
Egg white

Lime zest to top


Lost and Found

1.5 tequila
.75 lime
.5 St Germain
.5 Maraschino
Campari float (or Aperol to lessen bitter)

Dry shake, pour over crushed in tulip
Float Campari, garnish orange slice


Missouri Mule

3/4 bourbon
3/4 lemon
3/4 applejack
1/2 Cointreau
1/2 Campari

Shake and strain into coupe, lemon twist garnish


Pink Lady

1.5 Gin
.75 lemon
.5 Applejack
.5 grenadine
Egg white

Lemon twist garnish


Jungle Bird

1.5 Goslings
1.5 pineapple
.5 Campari
.5 simple
.5 lime


Last Word

.75 gin
.75 lime
.75 Green Chartreuse
.75 Maraschino

Shake, strain, coupe, cherry garnish


Planters Punch

1.5 Mt Gay
.75 pineapple
.75 lime
.5 grenadine
Dash ango

Shake, strain, Collins fresh ice, top soda for foam, cherry lime umbrella garnish


Pina Colada

1.5 Cruzan
1.25 Coconut cream
.75 pineapple
.25 lime

Shake and strain over 1.5 soda water, top with ice
Cherry and lime umbrella garnish