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The importance of family relationships

What do family relationships provide ?

Acceptance - unconditional acceptance of someone for who they are regardless of e.g. Lifestyle.

Love - providing for all needs -PIES.

Support - help to prepare for expected life events & support during unexpected life events.

Attachment -providing security


What will positive family relationships may result in ?

Positive self - image

High self esteem

Feeling of contentment

Ability to build positive relationships with others outside of family.



NEGATIVE family relationships.

What will a breakdown in family relationships may result in ?

Negative sled image

Low self esteem

Difficulty in building relationships with people outside of family.

Lack of independence.

Difficulty in controlling emotions.


What will Children in care may experience ?

May experience :

Loss of self identity - not developed family identity.

Difficulty in forming strong attachment - main carer changes.

Difficulty in building relationships - not had love of parents

Discrimination and stigma - affects self esteem.