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Economic influences on development

Employment status- type of work someone does.

Income/wealth - level of income or amount of personal wealth a person has.

Occupation - whether a person is employed or unemployed, at school college or in training


Positive and negative economic effects on physical development


Manual jobs may improve muscle tone and stamina.

Higher income may result in better health because of better housing conditions and diet.

Manual jobs can cause injury and muscular & skeletal problems.

Low wages can impact on lifestyle which may lead to poor health


Positive and negative economic effects on INTELLECTUAL development

Being in work, education encourages development of creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


not working or not being in education may cause worsening of memory.


Positive and negative economic effects on emotional development

Being in work, education can improve self-esteem.

A secure job income can lead to contentment.

Negative effects

Unemployment, low income can result in anxiety & low self-esteem.

Family relationships can suffer because of financial worries.


Positive and negative economic effects on social development

Being in work or school give opportunity to build friendships and relationships.

A higher income allows greater independence.

Negative effects

unemployment or not in education lowers opportunity to build relationships.

Lower income restricts opportunity for socializing.